One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


8. I Want to Save You Tonight!

**Lauren's POV**

*Next Morning*

I'm basically dying inside. Harry humiliated & used me. Why did I let myself get my hopes up? Why did I fall for this huge joke?! I'm a giant idiot! Oh jeez! It's 6:15AM & I haven't been sleeping well at all. I get up, put on my slippers, and walk downstairs. "Lauren! I need to speak with you! This minute!" Mrs. Leons calls to me. Oh no... Has she found out? I try to swallow my fear as I walk to her room and she turns her laptop screen to me. "What is this?! I'm not happy with this," Mrs. Leons adds.. I gasp as I look at the screen.

**Harry's POV**

Walking calmly without having any recognize me is pretty nice. I stroll from the cafeteria back to my room, taking my precious time to think over my plan to get Lauren back. "Oh! Good morning! I'm glad you got my message! Now, I know I have a lot to explain but, let me start off with the apologie. I'm so sorry if I didn't return calls, kiks, texts, & tweets. Really, I truly am sorry," I begin. "Harry. I'm just glad you called us," Lou starts off. "Yeah, mate! I knew you were okay just... After a few days of nothing can scare a guy!" Niall & Liam chim in! "Mate, I know you're a good lad. I figured it was a special lady that kept you so busy! So, what's her name?!" Ed says. "Her name is Lauren & she's the best thing that's ever happen to me since we formed as One Direction!" I say and try incredibly hard to not blush. "OH!!!!!!!! Lauren! Lauren!" All the boys scream and Ed merely laughed to himself... "Lauren! Oh Lauren! Love me!" Liam, Lou, & Niall begin to sing.. Zayn acts as me & Ed as Lauren, trying to romance her.. Oh geez.. "So, I have to save her. Are you guys in?" "Everyone breaks into song, singing "Save You Tonight" as agreement. Lauren, don't give up on me.. I'm coming for you.. Please.

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