One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


9. He Can't Be No Superman But, For Me, He'd Be Superhuman

**Lauren's POV**

"Lauren, people are teasing you online! I'm definitely not happy with this! I'm so sorry," Mrs. Leons shocks me.. PHEW!!!! I thought she knew about Harry & me... Well, that's an episode that'll have to deal with later. "Oh, Mrs. Leons, thank you that's very kind of you. I'm alright though. Those people don't really bother me. On a different note, what would you like for breakfast?" I ask her. She orders her usual and I walk back to the kitchen. Dawn and Marie are already up and singing Gold Rush by Ed Sheeran. "Well, I do it for the love!" Marie sings and Dawn finishes, "Waiting on the gold rush! Oh good morning, Lauren!" This doesn't surprise me but, I giggle a little bit since they hear me sing that one in the shower very often. "I'm going out to grab the paper. I'll be right back," I say. These girls are everything to me and I love them so much. Once I'm outside, I get a call from Courtney, on the house phone, strange. "Hey sis! I forgot to say thanks for getting me a date with the HOTTEST GUY ON THE PLANET!!" she practically screams into the phone. "Hahaha! I'm glad you liked dinner. Harry and I still haven't gone out yet and Mrs. Leons doesn't know. Also, I've got an extra VIP ticket to this upcoming concert, you might know the band, called One... Direction?" I laugh a bit at the end to hint that I'm inviting her and no one else. "LAUREN! NO WAY!!!!!!! AH!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO!! Wait, who's going to watch Dawn and Marie?" Court asks but, I can tell she sounds a tiny bit bummed out. She and I love Dawn and Marie to death. They're almost like our own daughters. "Court, I have 4 tickets, I mean, they get the 2 they were trying to give to me & you and I are taking the 2 that Harry freaking Styles gave me!!!!" I say excitedly! Courtney is my best friend and younger sister, there's no other 3 girls I want with me more at that concert. "Coco, I have to get going but, I love you and I'll call you later tonight after I put the girls down." I say and end the call. My life is going so perfectly... well... Almost perfectly.. I still want to work things out with Harry. I was way too tough on him and he was in the hospital! I bet that girl was just some crazy fan.. I pick up the paper and I begin to walk back when I feel something against my back. "Don't move. You're coming with me. Turn around and I'll shoot," I hear a deep voice command me. I hear a car pull up as I grab the mail, it must be Harry trying to trick me. "Harry, you're not fooling me this time!" I say a bit flirtatious as I turn around to see a person wearing all black and with their face covered. "What do you want with me? I don't have money or anything valuable with me. Please, let me go." I ask trying to sound calm and brave. "Move your ass! I'm not here to play games! Get in the truck, you slut. I'm not here to watch you gawk at me," the kidnapper yells at me. I swallow my fear and I try not to faint as I muster the courage to say, "I'll go with you but, don't hurt my loved ones. I'll do what you say, just, leave them out of this." "Now you're pissing me off! Move!" the kidnapper yells again, picking me by the waist & throwing me in the truck. I'm not going down without a fight. Punching and screaming, I try to make the kidnapper lose their grip on me so I can run away. "Hahaha! You think you're actually getting away? How cute," the kidnapper says in a low deadly tone. I look over at the house to see Dawn and Marie peeking through the curtains, screaming and bawling. Never have I ever been and still feel so terrified as I am, right now, so many horrible things could happen to me and no one would ever know if this person does their job correctly. Please! Please mess up! I feel my head begin to hurt and a liquid run down the back of my head.. I slowly put my hand up to my head. I take my hand just as slowly and I see blue-ish colored blood on my paper white hand. Breathing slowly, I think of everyone I love and how much I'll miss them. This can't be my end. I can't die here. I lose consciousness to Harry's solo in What Makes You Beautiful. You don't know you're beautiful! Baby..... light...wor- everything is black and none of my senses are working. My last thought is Harry and hearing him sing Save You Tonight. Harry, be my superhero and save me, save me... Tonight. Please, help me.

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