One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


18. Good Bye, Dear.. We Never Loved You!

**Lauren's POV**

Wow.. I don't know what to say to Niall.. I literally just remembered his name right before her told me. What do I do? "Lauren, I know this isn't what you were expecting but, I just had to tell you! It wasn't fair to either of us not to know this! Please, talk to me," Niall cries out in a hushed tone. "I.... I.... I never knew that.. How could..? I mean, it's over though, right?" I stammer.. I've never felt this way before. It was like being deeply in love with someone... but, this even felt deeper... I don't think I'm feeling to well. I feel my stomach wanting to "return the last meal" I can't even remember the last time I ate... Maybe 3 days ago, I had breakfast. I'm remembering things quickly, each day I think I remember quite a lot.. I remember every single second of that torture... The only pieces I'm missing are her name and where I was... It has something to do with a song.. A childhood song.. I really want to figure this out. Niall looked like something was still on his mind... "What's the matter? You know, you can tell me," I try to soothe Niall into saying what's on his mind. "I can't really say.. But, you'll find out soon!" he says as his frown quickly turns to a wide grin. It looks like the grins on posters and magazines. I'm slightly scared of that grin now.. What is Niall hiding from me? I'm glad he told me about Natalie, her stalking Harry, him trying to put her down gently over the years, and finally meeting me... "Lauren... Oh Lauren! Where are you hiding, my love? Sweetness?" I hear Harry calling for me.. I begin to walk away from Niall when I fall back in panic, anxiety, and worst of all, fear...... I see Harry on my bed with breakfast, tied down, bleeding badly from his arm.. "What you thought I'd actually let you get away like that?!" I hear that familiar voice again.. No... No. No. No. No. She's been invading my dreams to turn them into night terrors ever since I've come home.. I turn to see her again.. Her hair is a shiny chestnut anymore, just dry and frizzy. Her hazel eyes now look jet black with fire ablaze within.. She's gone mad.. She's crazy. Someone help us! You know what? No! I'm not letting this happen again! "What do you want? I told you to never bother us again!" I practically scream.. Why can't I have something good & normal?! There's always more pain than happiness in my life.. Harry is my ultimate happiness and now he's tied down and bloodied.. "I want you..." Natalie starts off slow, and begins to walk towards me as I try to aid Harry from losing too much blood. His cut looks deep enough to almost go to his bone... "I want you, suffering and dying slowly each day.. I want to be there until your last breathe, when I finally slit your neck and wrists. Then, I'll hang you on my wall where Harry and I will laugh at the stupid waste of time you call 'being in love!' My love with Harry is real.. It will be real. I'm going to make it as real as humanly can.." Natalie whispers become louder and faster as she talks about she & Harry laugh at our relationship... She starts to charge towards me.. for the first time, I see my short life flash before my eyes.. It was sad and depressing.. Sometimes, I don't know why I kept breathing for anyone or anything else besides Courtney. "Wait, Lauren! We're calling for help! Keep breathing.." I hear Lou, Courtney, Niall, Zayn, and Liam shout through the door but, Courtney's one piece of advice, "Sing! Sing! Sing until you're..." I know what she means.... I began to sing, She's So Mean by Matchbox Twenty. Over the years, people would try to rob or mug Courtney and I, to make the robbers know we were home and had callen the police, I would sing while Courtney would call.. We were much too poor to afford much of anything, especially a house alarm.. "I kno-know a girl that get's what she wants all the time, because she's so fine and you don't mind! But, for angel she's a hot, hot mess, make you so blind, but you don't mind!" I sing as best as I can remember... "Because.. she's an uptown, get around, anything goes girl.. Girlll! She's a hard core, candy store give me some More, girl.. Girllll! She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says!" I sing louder and louder with each verse.. She's slowly back towards the windows.. I know she'll try to escape but, my balcony will catch her off guard! "She drinks Bacardi in the morning 'til it goes to her head! All you want is just.." I begin to change the lyrics.. "is to leave and never come back! Oh no! No! No more nice young lady! Me... Yeah, I want you gone since you're so mean!" I smile as she's backed high against the wall.. I use my two fingers as legs and walk up her nose & then poke her nose at the end.. "Fine! I'll leave! I'll go away forever! Just stop the horrible singing," Natalie screams.. Ah.. Now, there's the sound I was looking for! "Well, I'll give you a 5 minute head start if you go out of the balcony window.. Now, get out of my kitchen!" I shout, Court gave the 2 knock signal.. The police were waiting outside of the balcony window.. Natalie will never bother Harry and me again.. Plus, Our relationship has never been a waste of time.. We just wasted time being with each other and holding hands... I think I'm ready for that first date now..

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