One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


7. Get Out! Get Out of My Life! :) or maybe not......

**Harry's POV** 

*Next Day*

Where is she? Where's Lauren? Where's Dawn with her amazing jokes that can lift up anyone's spirits? Where's Marie with her bright ideas that really make you wonder how she is still in 6th grade? I miss their smiles. I want to see them right now. I look around my bleak and sad hospital room. I hate staying in hospitals. I see Natalie still laying next to me. "Natalie. Natalie..." I try to wake her up nicely.. "Natalie, have you seen this amazing girl? Her name is La-" I begin but, I start to go into deep thought about Lauren. "Enough! I know who you're talking about! Jeez! If you ove me just say it, Harry," Natalie snaps awake. Oh man. She's really mad. "I told that disgustingly rude, trashy, and ugly girl to leave you alone! She's just.. URGH!!!!" Natalie gets really angry. I want to scream & I begin to sit up to but, I remember my rib thanks to my horrible pain. "Natalie, she's my world. The girls that were with her are part of my world. I need and want her so badly that I don't know how I can get through a day without her by my side. Tell me, right now, where she is or where she might be," I say as sternly as I can without crying out in pain. I see my phone on the bedside table and I open it. I see I have many missed calls, texts, tweets, emails, & kiks from the boys, Management, and of course, a few fans.. I type in Lauren's number and I begin to hear a familiar ringtone out in hallway. "..Everything about youu!! It's.." the muffled ringtone continues. It's Lauren's phone! I have to find her... I'm going to need back up though.. I reopen my phone and hit all the speed dials and join all the calls together to make a conference call. "Hi. It's Harry. I know you're pretty worried sick about me but, I'm at the hospital in room number 34. Come meet me here and I'll explain everything. We have an important mission. Thanks for understanding. I love you," I hang up, push Natalie out, climb back into bed, and hit the nurse's button for my pain killers. "But! But! Harry! I-!" Natalie begins to fight back. "Natalie, I suggest you leave before the nurses come here... Visiting hours are over. It's over. Why don't you go for Jimmy Anderson? I remembered he could never shut up about you in grade school!" I say feeling wonderful as I saw her walk down the hallway and out of my life.


**Natalie's POV**

Harry freaking Styles just pushed me out of his hospital room! I've loved him for so much longer than any of these stupid, ugly, trashy fans and this Lauren chick... Don't even get me started with her. I just want to kidnap her and beat her to a pulp while doing a twitcam so every fan and even Harry will see that I was always his soulmate and no one else! "Why don't you go for Jimmy Anderson?.." I hear Harry say through the thick glass and wooden door. Jimmy Anderson?! Jimmy Anderson?! That idiot has had to repeat 9th grade twice already! I'll show you, Harry. I'll make you mine, if it's the last thing i must do. This isn't the last of me, Styles, but it may be for that ugly little witch of a girlfriend you have! Muhahahahahahaha!




















Boo! Scared yet?

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