One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


15. Finally..

**Harry's POV**

Lauren doesn't know who I am.... I feel so sick.. I just might 'up chuck' as Court calls it. She and Lou were so in love and I felt the same about Lauren but, now, that's all gone! I've tried for weeks to make this work.. With her job on the line, I almost gave up.. I just want to scream and punch something... I slam my fist into the wall.. "OW!" I try yip quietly. I still have to look like a man, even if I have to re-impress and get her to re-fall in love with me. "Hazza, it's okay. I'll ask her if she knows how old she is. We can work things ou.." Liam whispers to me. I can't hear anything past that.. There's a voice in my head screaming at me, 'Kiss her! Kiss her!' It shouts louder and louder each time I ignore it.. I walk over to her and I feel more than butterflies in my stomach.. It's like airplanes are practicing for an air show.. Practicing extreme turns, flips, and swirly twirls.. I cup her face and try to kiss her. I can see her pupils grow larger so, I stop and watch her run to Ed as I hang my head low into my hands. What the hell did I do that for?! I scared her off! She won't talk to me after this! "I like you.. But, that boy keeps trying to kiss me," I see Lauren tell Ed as she tightly hugs him. His eyes look glassy and his facial expression is almost blank. As he wraps his arms around her, Liam tells me again that she thinks she's 10 years old. That's how old she was when her parents died. Oh my God.. I have to tell her that her parents are dead, for her first time. "Li, how am I going to tel-... Liam!" I see Liam being dragged away from me! I jump and try to fight for him. "Back the hell away if you even want to live." I hear a thug say. Why isn't Ed helping me?! I look back and see that Lauren is on the ground bleeding... What is wrong with Ed? He must have gone into shock. I feel so sick... I need to lay down. I barely remember crashing to the ground and I put Lauren's bruised and bloodied hand in mine.. I lose consciousness to our more than perfect memories. I'm going to get her out of this hell hole as soon as I can. If I remember correctly, we still haven't had our proper first date.

*3 Days later*

(* = if you don't remember this reread Chapter 12: Destination: Explanation)

**Lauren's POV**

"Wake-y, Wake-y, Harry Bear..." I know that voice from somewhere... But, where am I? Who are these people? I see Courtney sprawled on the floor... She's bleeding and my parents are no where in sight. What's going on?! I begin to sob.. "Oh! The slut is awake!" This girl walks over to me as she cackles.. Who is she? I try to get up but, I fall down... My wrists are killing me.. I want to cry harder but, I see Courtney and I feel like I have to stay strong for her.. Why is that? I have all these questions swirling in my head... The boy with the sweet dark brown curls looks upset when he sees the mean girl walk over to me.. Why are his eyes watering up? Why does he look like he's in pain? Who are these other boys? is Courtney okay? "Who.. Who are you?" I ask the girl... "Wow, you really are a stupid blonde... You don't remember the hell I've given you for the last week and a half?! I'm trying to kill you!" This girl seems to scream a lot when she suddenly grabs my throat... I feel my face turn pink but, I'm not blushing.. She lifts me up so my feet are at least 4 feet off the ground.. Am I going to die here? "I... What..." I choke out.. "SPIT IT OUT, DAMN IT!" She yells and throws me against the wall.. "I want to go home! Take me home! Leave me alone!" I scream! "Why should I?" she whispers loudly. "Because, I'm done with your shit. You've tortured me for a week and a half too long. Now, I'm leaving with these people and my sister. Don't bother me or anyone I know again. I'm sparing your life since I have no strength to beat you properly. Next time, your life will be mine and I will show no mercy. Good bye," I walk over to Courtney and pick her up to hold her... She leans on me as we follow the girl to the door, she lets us go as she looked stupefied watching us walk away.. I saw the white truck outside... I walk by and slowly come back.... I rest Courtney on one boy who stepped forward.. She hugged that boy very tightly.. I wonder why.. Does she like him? I sat, staring at the car. There's something about this truck that horrifies me but, brings back memories.. I.. I.. I remember why my parents and Holly are gone* I sob uncontrollably now.. The one boy with blonde hair and an irish brogue and the other had a birth mark on his neck picked me up and tried to calm me down as they try to place me in the car. I feel on edge being in a car after the haunting memory... "Well, this is it now. Everybody get down, this is all I can take, This is how a heart breaks!" the boy with cheeky smiles and touches sings along to the radio and we all join in.. This has been one of my favorite songs forever... Wait, I know who he is... "I remember when you used to me shy," Harry sings directly to me while winking that famous cheeky wink of his.. I remember him! I don't recognize anyone else still though.. I hope I remember everyone soon.. They all seem so lovely! "Oh! Oh oh oh!" Courtney sings in the back.. I sing the other back up part, "Won't you do when I told you? I'm sorry but, it's not a mistake... I'm running but, you're getting away!" I begin to just remember to the great times with my parents.. I don't remember what happened after the accident but, I hope Coco will explain that later.. I love these guys and.. I think I'm going to listen to all my old favorite songs on my iPod when I go home.. Before I doze off, I whisper to Harry, "I'm sorry I was gone for so long, love. Thank you for being my knight in shining armor. I love you, Harry Styles." and I kiss him on the cheek. I fall asleep to Harry's heartbeat as I lie my head on his chest, I've missed that sound.. Music & love.. Ah.. Finally true sleep.

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