One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


12. Destination: Explanation (Lauren & Courtney's past explained)


The boys and Courtney have just gotten into Liam's car and Courtney is giving Liam directions as they drive. Courtney is terrified because of a dream she believes revealed where Lauren is being held captive. Harry and Louis try to comfort Courtney but, she inches from any friendly gestures. Courtney is on edge. Of course, the boys are very uneasy about Courtney & Lauren never explaining their past to them. Niall clears the air by saying that saving Lauren is the most important thing right now.


**Louis' POV**

Courtney looks so scared. I just want to hold her right now but, she's too on edge to do anything. I start humming "Let Me Love You," her favorite song that I sing to her but, she doesn't even respond. It's like she's a robot just directing Liam and not responding to me.. Court, please, I want you when you're at your lowest of your low and the height of your happiness. I'll stay by you forever if you let me. Please, let me.


**Harry's POV**

I keep thinking about Lauren, Courtney, and why they haven't explained why they both tense up and look terrified when asked about their childhood. They both seemed so normal and lovely, what it bothering them? Why can't Lauren let down that last wall and tell me?


**Courtney's POV**

I start to feel sick thinking about my dream. It almost seemed like a flashback from when Lauren and I were young.

(A Flashback & Summary of Lauren & Courtney's childhood)

Lauren was always my savior, rock, mother figure, best friend, shield, and most of all an amazing sister. It all started in November of 2002. After 10 years, you think someone would cope with what Lauren and I had to go through but, I won't ever be able to and I don't think Lauren ever will either. We were on our way home from a nice winter vacation with the rest of our extended family in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We had our luggage, beloved dog named Holly, and our loving parents. It wasn't too late in the evening but, beginning to get dark. Dad had driven us almost all the way home when the local town drunk at the time decided to go out for a drive. Our family was about an hour drive time from our house when suddenly Lauren and I hear a huge smash, crash, and bang! I felt the vibrations slam into my face and I already began to cry. I was knocked unconscious by something and woke up in the car to find my parents holding hands. "Mommy... Daddy.. Wake up! We have to go home! C'mon, wake up.."They didn't wake up. I screamed the loudest I've ever screamed. It woke up Lauren and she merely looked at me, my parents, Holly, and back to me and sobbed. We cried for about a week. We were all alone. Our entire world was gone and the town drunk, Ken, ripped it up and spit on it. Lauren and I were brought back to our house after someone found the crash and called the police. I brought back my luggage and Holly's things to my room since my room was close by the garage. Lauren brought her things and our parent's things back to her room. I felt so uncomfortable here, it's just a building now... I felt so hurt and angry. Lauren saw that I looked like I wanted to punch something and ran over to embrace me.. Not hug like a stupid little hug but, I full warm embrace telling me it's okay to cry and let everything go. "Mom, Dad, and Holly would want us to go on and go on we shall. I'm never going to leave you, you're going everywhere with me. Nothing will ever tear me from you. Nothing on earth and nothing in Heaven. I love you so much, Coco Bear. Never forget that or what just happened. We're gong to have hard times and amazing times. Right now, it's hard but, we'll get through this because we love each other. Okay? I love you," Lauren's speech really affected me and I never forgot what I saw. Every word of that is still true. I love her so much and I always will.

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