One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


16. California! California!

**Niall's POV**

It's been 2 days since the lads and I saved Lauren. That was really scaring for me and to think, Lauren had to go through that kind of torture for almost 2 weeks... "I think, I need to lay down now, Courtney. Good night," Lauren said to me right before passing out in front of me. She nearly hit the ground when I caught her, just before she hit her head. If she hits her head again, who knows what will happen. The strange thing is that.. I'm not Courtney. She only recognizes Courtney and Harry. I mean, Courtney is her sister and she only lost 8 years of memory but, why Harry? Why not Louis, me, or Liam? I've been in love with her far longer than Harry! Oh my God.... I think I love Lauren. I couldn't do that to one of me best mates but, I think I'm truly in love with Lauren. I have to tell Liam... he'll know what to say.. Maybe I can find a Nando's here somewhere.. Liam and Nando's that all I really want right now but, I want Lauren. "Niall? Niiiiaaaaalllll......"I hear a voice calling to me. I still have Lauren in my arms and her lips... I see her lips... They look so.. perfect and beautiful, ready to be kissed. They deserve to be kissed. I lean in.. then I stop myself! 'NO!' I scream in my head, 'NO! NO! NO!' This is crazy. This is stupid! While still holding Lauren. I see Liam and Zayn with an older woman maybe in her early 70's... "Niall! There you are, mate! This is Lauren and Courtney's grandmum. Is Lauren alright?" Liam explains as the grandmum's beam slowly turns into a slight gasp when she sees Lauren in my arms. "Hello? Nialler? Hm.... Urm.. Look Nandos!" Zayn calls out. I quickly come back as soon as I hear Nando's. "Now, I hear your an Irish fellow! Good! My family is very Irish and I'm glad Lauren found a lad!" her grandmum quickly says as she takes Lauren from my arms and brings her up to Lauren's room. Oh jeez! Now her grandmum thinks I'm Lauren's man! I mean, man, I'd love to be but, Harry is and I can't do that to him. "Niall. Seriously, mate, are you alright?" Zayn asks.. "I have to tell you something.... Please don't tell anyone. It's a really big secret." I start 

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