One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


11. Abandoned?

*Courtney's POV*

I wake up and decide to call Lauren. It's been a few days and I really want to see her today! I have so much to tell her about Lou! Her number is on my speed dial as number 1 since she's always been my number one & I for her. Ring.. Ring... Ring... It's not at all like her to miss my call like this. She always answers me, even when she's busy. I call her again and again... I decide to stop after the fifth time. Maybe I should call the Leons? I mean, I never call there. I can't tell if Mrs. Leons even likes me around the girls! Even though, Lauren & I had a very rough past; she's the best thing I have to a best friend, advocate, & even a mother figure. My memories that scared me begin to flood in & my eyes begin to water. "No!" I have to yell out loud. Years of therapy could never take away what she and I had to go through. I need her so badly now. We need to talk. I want to talk to Lou or Niall right now if I can't talk to Lauren. I dial Niall's number and his phone is dead. Figures. I call Lou & I try not to sound too excited but, the butterflies in my stomach want to fly! Ring.. ri- "Hi love! What do I have the pleasure to talk to you about?" Lou must know it's me.. I giggle a little to myself. "Hi Lou, I'm really upset right now. I can't find Lauren and she won't pick up her phone," I start to explain. "Yeah, we can't find her either! Harry went to the Leons' house and she wasn't there. The girls talked to Harry but, they were shaking like they had just seen a ghost or worse! The one with back hair stuttered, 'phone' 'Laure' 'truck' and 'BANG! BANG! BANG!!'" Lou was still talking but, I stopped listening and went to into shock. "I... I... Oh Lou!" I scream into the phone, interrupting Louis. I start to sob and I try to stop myself but, I can't. Suddenly, I hear Louis hang up. 20 minutes later, I hear a knock at the door. "Uh.. Hold (sniffle) on a (sniffle) minute!" I yell and I hear a few voices yell to me. "Courtney! Courtney! Let us in," that sounds like Zayn. "Eh! Open up! I've got (chewing noises) some (more chewing noises) well, a few cookies!" that has to be Niall. "Courtney! Court, love, please let us in!" that's Liam! I run to the door and let the boys in.. Louis stands in front of me as the boys walk to my living room. He looks so lovingly and deep into my soul. I haven't told him or anyone about my past before. I feel tears form in my eyes again as I try to say something. He pulls me into his strong arms and her allows me to sob into his chest as he guides us to a free spot on the couch. Lauren is the only other person to hold me like this & it only caused me to cry harder and worry more about her. We talk everyday and meet up to just spend time with each other almost every other day. "It's going to be okay. We're going to stay here with you. I'm not leaving you alone, Court. I'm not going anywhere without you," Lou whispers to me. He said everything Lauren said to me on... that day. Zayn settles into the couch, Harry goes to the kitchen to make some comfort food and Niall follows to "test" it all out for me, Liam and Lou stay on either side of me. About 10 minutes later, we all begin to get tired from our emotional and stressful day. I fall asleep in Louis' arms and dream of finding Lauren. We found her... in some basement... It was sad, gray, and terrifying... She was beaten, bruised, bleeding, starving, thirsty, and her clothes were torn... She was reaching out to me.. Her hand was bloodied and she looked like she was in a great deal of pain. "Find me, Coco. Save... meee...." was all she said. I woke myself up in panic and urgency. "Guys! Get up! I think I know where Lauren is!" I yell in some excitement. Lauren, we're coming. Stay strong, for me. I'm not leaving you and you're not going anywhere without me. Not now, not ever.

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