The New Beginning  

18 year old girl, Jade. Moves to London for a new beginning. After loosing both her parents in a tragic car crash. But little does she know. She will find the love of her life.


1. The Flight Part: 1

Jades POV:

"Todays the day" I said sitting up on my bed. I looked at my alarm clock and it read as 7:18am. I slowly dragged myself out of bed and walked over to the closet. Picking up the clothes I didn't pack in my suitcase. A pair of gray skinny jeans and a stylish singlet. I walked over to the bathroom and dropped my clothes on the floor in the bathroom and turned the shower on. I got undressed and stepped under the water. And that's when my mind went blank. Then all of a sudden flashbacks of my mum and dad came back to me. I gasped for air as I turned off the water. I stepped out of the shower in thought. I hated having flashbacks of my mum and dad. But I just shook it off and got dressed. I then dryed and curled my hair. I didn't want to wear much makeup today so I just put on my mascara. I stepped out of the bathroom and looked for my vans. I found them and slipped them on whilst moving towards the kitchen. I needed to look for a pen and paper. I lived with my Auntie Jan and needed to leave her a note that I was leaving. I wrote "I'm off now, I will miss you Auntie but I need to start fresh. I love you, bye" I kept it short and sweet, well sort of. I then stepped over to the phone and dialed for a taxi. "Your taxi is on its way" the lady on the phone said. I then sat down at the kitchen table in thought. Flashbacks kept running through my mind. I tried to not think about it, but I couldn't. Then my thoughts were stopped at a instant from the sound of the taxi beeping. I then walked over to my suitcase I packed the night before, picked up my sunnys, phone and handbag and walked over to the door. I then walked to the taxi and said "Airport please"
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