Doctor Who Episode Plots

These are all of the Doctor Who episode plots of the revived series (since 2005)


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5. World War Three


Following from the cliffhanger in "Aliens of London", The Doctor being an alien allows him to survive the electrical pulse administered by the Slitheen Green, while Mickey Smith is able to push aside the police inspector who was advancing on Jackie Tyler. The Doctor attempts to get the police, but by the time he has returned, the Slitheen have got back into their suits. The Doctor escapes to the upper floors of 10 Downing Street, and reunites with Rose and Harriet in the Cabinet Rooms. Before sealing off the rooms, the Doctor confronts the Slitheen and learns that they are a family rather than a race, and they are not invading Earth, but rather raiding it for some commercial purpose. Although the Slitheen have shut all communications to the Cabinet Rooms, Rose's tampered phone allows her to make contact with Mickey and Jackie, now safely in the former's flat. The Doctor gives Mickey instructions on how to log into the UNIT website on his computer, and uses that to determine that the Slitheen ship is presently in the North Sea, transmitting some signal that the Doctor attempts to decode. Back at Downing Street, Green and the other Slitheen declare a matter of national security and request that the UN release the activation codes to strike against a fictitious mothership that is hanging over London. The Doctor realizes that the Slitheen actually plan to fire the weapons against other countries in order to start World War III so they can sell the Earth's radioactive remains as a fuel source, which they have already begun advertising through the signal Mickey has decoded. Complying, the Doctor helps Mickey to hack online into the controls of the Royal Navy HMS Taurean, a Trafalgar class submarine, to fire a non-nuclear missile at 10 Downing Street, where all the Slitheen conspirators are now gathered. The Slitheen are caught in the explosion when the missile hits. The Doctor, Rose and Harriet all survive, and the press dismisses the event as a hoax. Jackie is now impressed by the Doctor and wants to invite him for dinner to get to know him better, but he declines fiercely. Instead, he separately invites Rose and Mickey — who has now earned his respect — to go travelling some more immediately. Mickey, still overwhelmed by the Doctor's adventurous lifestyle, declines but Rose packs some belongings and boards the TARDIS.

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