Doctor Who Episode Plots

These are all of the Doctor Who episode plots of the revived series (since 2005)


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13. The Parting of the Ways


As the Dalek fleet approaches Earth, the Doctor and Jack land the TARDIS on the Dalek mothership to rescue Rose Tyler, using the tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator to protect themselves from the Dalek weapons. The Dalek Emperor, who describes himself as a god, explains that he managed to survive the Time War in a crippled ship, and rebuilt the race by harvesting genetic materials from the humans such as those delivered from the Game Station. The Doctor observes that the Daleks have gained human traits and emotion by this process and have, because of their creed and resulting self-hate, become deadlier than ever. After bringing Rose aboard, the Doctor returns the TARDIS to the Game Station and works with Jack and the remaining humans aboard to prepare for the Dalek attack. Jack uses the extrapolator to shield the top six floors of the station and sets up defensive positions, while the Doctor attempts to create a Delta Wave generator from the transmission equipment that will fry the brain of any being in its path, though it will take time to charge up. The Doctor tricks Rose into retrieving equipment from the TARDIS, and while she is inside, uses his sonic screwdriver to direct the TARDIS to return her to her home in the 21st century, much to Rose's anguish. In a farewell hologram known as Emergency Programme One, he describes this as a procedure designed to stop the TARDIS falling into enemy hands. As the Daleks begin to invade the Station, murdering all humans on board and overrunning the defences, the Dalek Emperor contacts the Doctor. He tells him that the Delta Wave generator will kill everyone on nearby Earth as well as his fleet, but the Doctor says this is a preferable fate to enslavement to the Daleks. Rose, back home, is met by Jackie and Mickey who try to console her. As Rose regains her composure, she spots the words "Bad Wolf" all around the area where the TARDIS has landed, and realises that it is a message rather than a warning. She enlists Mickey's help to try to open the heart of the TARDIS, hoping its telepathic circuits will recognise her desire to return to help the Doctor. Jackie, shaken by the revelation that Rose has met her late father Pete, decides to help and borrows a large tow-truck from a friend. Between the three of them, they are able to open the heart, which engulfs Rose in a white glow. The TARDIS doors slam on Mickey and Jackie as they try to enter, and then it dematerialises. Back in the future, the Daleks break through the final defences, kill Jack and Lynda, and confront the Doctor just as the Delta Wave generator is ready. However, he cannot bring himself to activate it, and resigns himself to being killed by the Daleks. The TARDIS materialises in the room and Rose, now infused with the time vortex, steps out. Using its vast power, she spreads the words from the station's logo, "Bad Wolf", across time and space to be able to bring herself to this moment and rescue "her Doctor". The Daleks attack her, but she effortlessly disintegrates their entire fleet and brings Jack back to life. The Doctor, distraught about the consequences of all this, begs her to let go of the Vortex's power, but she is unable or unwilling to do so and begins to falter. To save her, the Doctor kisses Rose, thus inhaling the time vortex energy from her. He then exhales it back into the TARDIS and takes the unconscious Rose on board. Jack, confused by the disappearance of the Daleks and his own resurrection, turns up just in time to see the TARDIS disappear. Rose awakens on the TARDIS to find the Doctor in pain — the residual Vortex energy is destroying every cell in his body. He tells her that he is dying, and vaguely explains the regeneration process. After praising both Rose and himself as 'fantastic', the Ninth Doctor explodes with golden energy and morphs into his next incarnation, the Tenth Doctor. The New Doctor briefly comments on his new teeth before offering to take Rose to the planet Barcelona.
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