Doctor Who Episode Plots

These are all of the Doctor Who episode plots of the revived series (since 2005)


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7. The Long Game


The Doctor and Rose bring Adam in his first trip aboard the TARDIS into the future, arriving aboard Satellite 5, a space station orbiting Earth in the year 200,000. Rose escorts the bewildered Adam around the station, while the Doctor becomes curious as to the station's purpose. The Doctor meets with Cathica, a reporter, and discovers the station is a giant broadcast tower transmitting news across the globe, using special "ports" installed on the foreheads of the reporters to facilitate information transfer. The Doctor believes there is a malevolent purpose to the station that is holding back human development. The Doctor learns from Cathica that a select few are invited to "Floor 500", believed to be the highest promotion they can get, but they never return to the lower floors of the station. The Doctor regroups with Rose, allowing Adam to roam free. He uses Roses's mobile phone that the Doctor had previously modified into a "superphone" to call home and leave a message for his family. The Doctor hacks into the computer systems of the station, but is detected by "The Editor". Despite this intrusion, the Editor allows the Doctor and Rose to travel to Floor 500. Cathica, initially resistant, later follows the pair. There, the Doctor and Rose find the Editor, a human, directing control over the station through a number of dead humans, those that were invited to Floor 500, in a freezer-like environment. On the ceiling resides the "Editor-in-Chief", the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe ("Max" for short), who the Editor answers to. The Doctor learns that Max has controlled the humans aboard Station 5 to broadcast terrifying news to the planet to keep the rest of the species in check, creating an Empire where humans are only allowed to live instead of being in control as the Doctor recalls. Meanwhile, Adam, allowed to roam free in the Station, discovers he can gain access to information about Earth's future, which he can use for financial gain in his present. When he finds that using the traditional methods to communicate this information to his parent's answering machine is too slow, he opts to receive the port installation, enabling him to receive and transmit the information faster. However, this also allows Max to investigate Adam's mind, and discovers that the Doctor is a Time Lord, and his TARDIS likely nearby, and becomes determined to kill the Doctor. The Doctor, aware of Cathica's presence outside the room, loudly comments on how altering the environmental systems will likely kill Max. Cathica takes the hint, severs Adam's connection, and reverses the cooling system, causing Floor 500 to overheat and killing Max and the Editor. As humans aboard the station and on Earth come to awake from the stupor they've been in, the Doctor congratulates Cathica and gives her hope for the future. However, the Doctor and Rose are furious with Adam. They take him back to his parents' home, where the Doctor destroys the answering machine tape to wipe the future knowledge off it, and leave without Adam, warning him that he will have to live a quiet life to prevent the port from being discovered.
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