Doctor Who Episode Plots

These are all of the Doctor Who episode plots of the revived series (since 2005)


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9. The Empty Child


The Doctor and Rose Tyler, in the TARDIS, chase a metal cylinder marked as "dangerous" through the time vortex. The cylinder skips out of the vortex and the Doctor lands the TARDIS near the same space-time coordinates, in London during The Blitz. The Doctor is intrigued by a young woman, Nancy, who warns him against answering the phone attached to the TARDIS that is part of its disguise and should not be ringing. Answering it anyway, he hears a young boy asking for his "mummy" before the line drops. The Doctor follows Nancy to a well-to-do home where she, along with several other homeless children, is partaking of a meal abandoned by the owners when they took shelter during an air raid. A young boy in a gas mask knocks on the front door. Nancy warns the Doctor not to let him in, or touch him, lest he becomes "empty" like the boy. After the children flee the house with the air raid over, the Doctor tracks down Nancy who explains that the boy is associated with a bomb-like object, now under armed guard, that fell near Limehouse station. Nancy also admits that her caring for the other children is a result of losing her brother Jamie in a recent air raid. After giving Nancy hope that the war will soon be over, the Doctor leaves to investigate the hospital near the crash site, meeting Dr. Constantine. Constantine shows the Doctor a number of live patients, each unresponsive, with gas masks seemingly fused to their faces and scars on their hands. He demonstrates that each responds identically and simultaneously to a loud noise. As Constantine starts to explain the first patient with this symptom was Nancy's brother, he transforms into another gas-mask clad victim. During these events, Rose has seen the same boy on nearby rooftops, and tries to climb up a rope to help him. Instead, she finds herself hanging precariously from a barrage balloon. She is rescued by Captain Jack Harkness, a freelance time agent with his own Chula spaceship, currently posing as a member of the RAF. Jack recognizes Rose as a time traveler and, after caring for rope burns on her hands using the ship's "nanogenes", starts to negotiate the price of an item he has to sell. Rose bluffs and asks Jack to take him to her partner, the Doctor. En route, Jack explains that the object is a Chula warship, which will be destroyed in an air raid in two hours' time. Rose and Jack arrive at the hospital in time to save the Doctor from the transformed Constantine and patients. Escaping deeper into the building, Jack again attempts to sell the warship to the Doctor who calls his bluff. Jack admits it is only a Chula medical ship but denies that it has anything to do with the current outbreak. The episode ends as the three are trapped in a room while the transformed patients converge upon them, all asking for their "mummy". Nancy, having returned to the house for more food, is similarly cornered by Jamie.
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