Doctor Who Episode Plots

These are all of the Doctor Who episode plots of the revived series (since 2005)


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1. Rose

We start at Series 1 (2005) where The Doctor returns to our screens after a 9 year (Since the 1996 movie) absence. 


One evening, Rose Tyler is trapped in the London department store where she works, and finds herself surrounded by plastic mannequins that have come to life in the basement. She is rescued by a man who introduces himself as "The Doctor" and tells her to flee the building. He then blows up the transmitter that controlled the mannequins from the store's roof, ravaging the building in the process. The Doctor visits the now unemployed Rose the next day and rescues her from a second attack by a mannequin's arm she had taken home unknowingly, but refuses to give her more explanations.

Rose then talks with her boyfriend, Mickey Smith, about her experience, and they find a conspiracy theory website that claims a man fitting the Doctor's description has appeared throughout history. Rose and Mickey go to visit Clive, the man who runs the website. While Rose is in Clive's house, Mickey is kidnapped by a wheelie bin and replaced with a plastic replicant.

When the fake Mickey attempts to question Rose about the Doctor, the Doctor shows up and beheads the replicant. The Doctor takes Rose to his TARDIS, which is disguised as a 20th century police box, and attempts to use the fake Mickey's head to locate the controlling signal. The head suddenly melts, but Rose realises that the transmitter must be the London Eye. The Doctor explains to Rose that he is an alien and the fake Mickey was an Auton, controlled by a signal from the London Eye. He shows Rose that he has a vial of Anti-Plastic to kill an alien called the Nestene Consciousness, if necessary.

When Rose and the Doctor descend below the city they find that the Nestene Consciousness has taken up residence beneath the London Eye. The Doctor tries to negotiate with it, but it gets angry when he identifies himself as a Time Lord, blaming him for the destruction of its home planet during "the Time War." The Nestene Consciousness activates all the autons at the Queens Arcade, where several shoppers are shot, including Clive. The Doctor is also held down by a pair of Autons, but Rose rescues him and the "anti-plastic" drops into the vat where the Nestene Consciousness resided, killing it.

After fleeing the underground complex with Mickey, who was held hostage by the Nestene Consciousness, the Doctor offers Rose more adventures with him. Rose initially refuses, as she is concerned about her mother and Mickey, but she ends up joining the Doctor when he explains that the TARDIS can also travel in time as well as space.

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