Doctor Who Episode Plots

These are all of the Doctor Who episode plots of the revived series (since 2005)


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8. Father's Day


The episode opens with a flashback of Jackie telling a younger Rose about her father Pete, who died in a hit-and-run accident on the way to a friend's wedding on 7 November 1987. In the TARDIS, The Doctor agrees to take Rose to the day her father died so that she can be there when it happens. They witness the accident but Rose is unable to move when The Doctor tells her to go and be with her dying father. After Rose recovers, she asks The Doctor if she can try again. The Doctor allows it, but warns Rose to not run until their former selves have left to prevent a paradox. As the accident is about to happen, Rose runs out and pushes Pete aside, saving his life, but her former self and The Doctor vanish. The Doctor angrily warns Rose about the damage to the timeline but Rose dismisses it, believing Pete to just be an average person. While Rose goes with Pete to the wedding, The Doctor storms back to the TARDIS, only to find that it is now an empty shell, and thus realizes something is very wrong. Elsewhere, strange flying beasts - later identified as Reapers - appear and begin consuming people. Rose and Pete drive to the wedding, but Rose is surprised at anachronistic elements playing over the radio and on her cell phone. At the church, the same car that was intended to kill Pete earlier appears and almost hits Pete's car, but he swerves out of the way when Rose shouts out to Pete, inadvertently calling him "Dad". They join the other guests, including Jackie who has brought the infant Rose with her. Rose is surprised to find that Jackie and Pete argue frequently. A young Mickey runs to warn the guests about the Reapers, who play it off as a joke until a Reaper appears above and attacks them. The Doctor, having raced from the TARDIS, directs everyone inside the church, noting its age will protect them for some time against the Reapers. The Doctor explains to Rose that her actions have caused a paradox that normally the Time Lords would have prevented, but without them, the Reapers are sterilising the wound in time by consuming everyone within it. The Doctor further warns Rose not to touch her infant self, as it could cause further damage to time and allow the Reapers into the church. The Doctor, feeling the TARDIS key still warm, sets it up in the middle of the church, the TARDIS slowly appearing around it. He warns the guests not to disrupt the process. During these events, Jackie sees Pete talking to Rose and thinks he is having an affair with a younger woman. Pete himself senses something is amiss and tries to ask Rose for more information but she remains coy. He soon comes to recognise Rose as his grown-up daughter, and when she is unable to answer questions about how good of a father he was to her, he realises he was to die in the car accident. Jackie overhears this conversation, in particular when Pete calls Rose his daughter, and further accuses him of seeing someone else. Pete, flustered, grabs the infant Rose and thrusts her into Rose's arms to show Jackie that Rose is their grown up child, but as the Doctor warned, this weakens time further, and a Reaper appears in the church. The Doctor sacrifices himself as the Reaper swoops down, causing the Doctor and the Reaper to disappear while the TARDIS key is knocked out of the air, landing cold on the ground. The other guests begin to panic as Reapers swarm about outside. Pete, in watching them, sees the car that would have killed him drive in a time loop by the church. Pete realises what he must do and has an emotional farewell with Jackie and Rose. On the next loop, Pete races out of the church and is struck by the car. The timeline is repaired, and those previously consumed by the beasts, including The Doctor, reappear. The Doctor sends Rose off to be with her dad as he dies and she hold his hand until he is gone. Rose returns to The Doctor, and the two walk hand-in-hand back to the restored TARDIS. The episode ends with a flashback similar to the opener, as Jackie explains to a young Rose that Pete didn't die alone — a young woman stayed with him until he died, leading the adult Rose to eulogise about Pete Tyler, her father, "the most wonderful man in the world".


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