Doctor Who Episode Plots

These are all of the Doctor Who episode plots of the revived series (since 2005)


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4. Aliens of London


The Doctor returns Rose to Earth in the TARDIS, but miscalculates, ending up 12 months after he first left with Rose instead of 12 hours. As such, Jackie, Rose's mum, is furious with the Doctor, and Rose's boyfriend, Mickey is upset as he was suspected of murdering Rose. While Rose expresses her frustration to the Doctor of not being able to tell the truth of where she's been, they witness a spacecraft crash through Big Ben and fall into the River Thames. Central London is shut down while its population become excited at the possibility of first contact with an alien species. The Doctor suspects trickery, and uses the TARDIS to land inside the hospital where the alien pilot has been taken. Along with Dr. Sato, he discovers that the alien craft was launched from Earth, and its pilot is nothing more than an Earth pig, modified by alien technology. Meanwhile, the government is unable to locate the British Prime Minister due to the confusion of the crash, and Joseph Green, MP for Hartley Dale, and Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on the Monitoring of Sugar Standards in Exported Confectionery, is named acting Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. However, Green is revealed to be a Slitheen, a calcium-based alien species that compress their bodies into large human "suits" resulting in frequent releases of flatulence, along with two other high members of the government, Margaret Blaine of MI5 and Oliver Charles, Transport Liaison. While they secretly celebrate successfully luring the humans into their plan, they are unaware of their conversation being witnessed by Harriet Jones, the backbench MP for Flydale North. When the Doctor returns to Rose, they are surrounded by soldiers, prompted by a call from Jackie to the Emergency Alien Hotline, and escorted to 10 Downing Street. The Doctor is asked to join a panel of alien experts, including those from UNIT, while Rose is escorted into the building by Harriet. Harriet tells Rose about the aliens, and together they discover the corpse of the Prime Minister. They make to reveal their discovery but are caught by Blaine, who begins to unzip her human suit to attack them. Meanwhile, as the Doctor attempts to convince the experts of the forgery of the events, Green sends an electrical shock through the assembled group, including the Doctor. These events lead to a cliffhanger, resolved in "World War Three".

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