My Hunger Games

HP meets HG :)

Voldemort has passed on. A new time has begun. President Snow was exiled to London, England. He found the wizarding world. They expected him to be a good leader. Kind, fair, just, balanced. But it's Snow. He wouldn't let go of the Hunger Games.
This is Harry's grand daughter's fourth time in the reapings, since it started four years ago. She is 16 years old. Her name is Hydra. It was the name Sirius Black gave to his daughter before she was taken by Voldemort.


2. And so it begins!

I wake up in my newly found bedroom. It's twice the size of the one I have at home. I stretch as I get out of bed. As I walk to my dressing table I think over the events of last night. There was a banquet. It was glorius. I loved it. It tasted delicious. I remember my escort. Everyone has been split into pairs. I'm with some guy called Sirius Black Jr. He's quite funny and jokey. He messes about and jokes around all the time. Literally. My escort is called Lucius Manstary. Manstary. Stary man. It still makes me smile. I change into a shirt and trousers. I pull on a pair of trainers. I heard last night that there is a running track near by. I run out of my door, through the halls slamming into walls and ornaments as I run to the main door. I'm trying to avoid my mentor and  my training partner. It doesn't work. I get to the main door when suddenly Lucius appears right in front of me.

"Where are you going this early? It's breakfast in ten minutes you know! You can't miss breakfast!" He shouts at me.

"I was heading to the running track." I don't want to say it's to have one last look at the real world before I'm contained in a training space.

"You'll have plenty of time to do that in training!" He shouts.

"I just wanted to go running no need to shout." I turn away from Lucius and walk off.

"You'll never get allies if you just walk off." He says. I carry on walking. I hope he's annoyed. I don't like him. I turn a corner and walk into someone.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry!" I say. I look up at the person. I don't recognise her. She's really pretty though. Maybe I do recognise her. I think I've seen her before.

"Chill, it's fine, no harm done!" She says. "Come on, shouldn't you be at breakfast?" I nod. "Follow me." She leads me around twists and turns in the giant hallway until we reach a small room. I follow her inside and sit across from her.

"You are alive then?" Sirius jokes. Everyone turns and glares at him. I like Sirius. I'll stick up for him.

"Yeah. I see you aren't." I say. He looks at everyone glaring at him.

"Yeah, if looks could kill, hey?" He laughs and I laugh with him. Breakfast is instantly served after it goes awkwardly silent. We eat.

"Say hello to your mentors, Hermione Weasley, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. You're very lucky to have three mentors, everyone else has two." Lucius says. My eyes instantly light up. I look across from me. Hermione. Next to her, Ron. And next to me, Harry. My grandfather. Who I was told, four years ago, that he died.

"Hydra. My, don't you look like your parents." He says. That's all he says.

"As there is only two of you tributes, and three mentors, each of you will be allocated a mentor and then if you are told in training you have special skills you will be allocated to have both trainers. Understood? Good." I will no doubt be allocated with Hermione. It honestly would not surprise me. "Right, Hydra your with Hermione." I smile. Hermione smiles. "Sirius, your with Ron." They grin at each other. "Let training begin!" Lucius shouts. Hermione grabs my arm. We dissaperate.

We appear in a room full of the other twenty three tributes. I do as Hermione says, go to things I need practise at first. Like fire starting. Or bow and arrow. Believe it or not, we're only allowed to use magic if we find a wand in the arena. Normally there's only enough for the people our president calls "Careers." Every year six or seven people spend the whole year, illegally, training for the games. They're usually the ones who get the wands. This year, it's going to change. I'm going to get one.

I'm throwing knives. Lighting fires. Training for what they call the "Private Game maker sessions." Every year they hire a group of men and women to make the games as different and more evil than the year before. This is the fifth games.

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