My Hunger Games

HP meets HG :)

Voldemort has passed on. A new time has begun. President Snow was exiled to London, England. He found the wizarding world. They expected him to be a good leader. Kind, fair, just, balanced. But it's Snow. He wouldn't let go of the Hunger Games.
This is Harry's grand daughter's fourth time in the reapings, since it started four years ago. She is 16 years old. Her name is Hydra. It was the name Sirius Black gave to his daughter before she was taken by Voldemort.


1. There's no surprises.

I wake up. It's a lovely day today. So bright and sunny. But we know it's not really a good day. I stand up, head to my shower and get in. There used to be so many settings and temperatures. Now there's one. Cold. Ice Cold. I brace myself for the rush of freezing water. I wash my hair, turn the shower off and step out. I dry myself, then change into my favourite dress. White with pink, orange and green flowers. I love it. I twirl in my room. I pull on my shoes and walk downstairs to the kitchen.

My father, James Sirius, stands next to my mother, Angelina Malfoy, as they chat about my brothers second reaping. Angelina is the youngest of three children to Draco Malfoy. My grandfather never really got along with Draco until his son James married Draco's daughter. I thought it was kind of like the muggle story of Romeo and Juliet in a way.

'Ah, look who decided to wake up.' Says my father jokingly. I grin and hug my mother. I eat my breakfast.

'There's someone at the door, mum!' My brother, Draco, says. My mum gets up and walks to the door. My father follows to the hall. I hear the door open and my parents voices. Then a voice I don't recognise. I take my brother through to the living room as the voices get louder. I don't want him to hear a fight or an argument.

The reapings are strange things. Each year we have to stay in our house, no televisions, and wait for some "Peacekeepers" to collect the fourty eight people aged twelve to eighteen, then we go to a big stage for twenty four names out of the fourty eight. Apparently our new leader, President Snow, used to do the Hunger Games in another town or country before they rebelled and exiled him.

A man in a white suit walks through to the living room followed by my parents. I pull my brother behind me.

'You. Come with us.' He's pointing at me. I kiss my brothers cheek, then my mother, then my father. I walk out of the room with them. I'm not that shocked to be honest. I've been in the fourty eight, three years running. My parents know I have very low chances of actually being picked for the twenty four. I wave through the window to my brother, to remind him to be calm and happy. He smiles but I see fear in his eyes.

The stage looks like a graduation. The chairs on the stage. The podium for name calling. The ball for the names on paper. The speakers everywhere. I'm shoved around as they put us in alphabetical order onto the chairs on the stage. I sit and from here I see hundreds or thousands of chairs for our family and friends. I pull myself together, put on a brave face and smile as the families start taking their seats.

"Welcome, welcome! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please!" Says a voice I recognise. It's that woman. She went to school with my grandfather. Cho Chang. She told on him to some ministry woman. I hate her. She's not aged too well, which makes me laugh seen as in her pictures she's pretty. The audience turns silent. "Well, as you know, this is the fourth annual Hunger Games!" I feel disgusted. Not only is she shouting it happily but she is also married to President Snow. Yuk. "Could we get a cheer for our fourty eight tributes?!" Only few, on good terms with Snow, cheer. "Onto the reaping!" She sticks her hand in the glass ball. She pulls out a paper. She does this twenty four times. With every person called another sighs a breathe of relief. The names are as follows:

Tristan Le range. (not to be confused with the LeStrange family) He's 17.

Eddison Carmichael. He's a year older than me. 17.

Sarah Cole. 18.

Lisa Crabbe. 14.

Cheryl Creevey. 15.

Dustin Le range. (brother to Tristan.) 17.

Faith Delacour. 13.

Patrick Diggle. 12.

Mary Edgecombe. 16.

Cornelius Fudge Jr. 15. (Cornelius Fudge's great nephew.)

Harper Helstrome. 14.

Joe Jenks. 18. (Unlucky. He's 19 tomorrow.)

Silvanus Krum. 12.

Sirius Black Jr. 16.

Albert Rodgers. 15.

Selena Longbottom. 16. (My best friend)

Narcissa Malfoy. (My cousin) 14.

Matilda Marat. 13.

Eric Muntz. 15.

Theodor Nettles. 17.

Glanmore Parkin. 15.

Harry Payne. 13.

Jacob Po. 15.

Barry Rufford. 17.

That's twenty three.

"One final name my lovelies!" Cho shouts. The dips her hand into the ball and pulls out the paper. "Hydra Potter! 16!" My face doesn't display shock, like it should. It shows expectence. I've somehow survived not being called for the last four reapings. So it's only fair that I'm finally called. I stand up. Head to the podium. Shake hands with Cho, reluctantly. Then I smile and wave to the crowds, like the others and  walk to the waiting broomsticks. They've all got spells on them. So they will take you there without you trying to escape. They even have a force field type thing, so you can't jump. Or "fall" as they say.

"Up" I say. The broomstick hovers above the ground. I sit on it. Cho walks over and stands in the middle of our arranged circle.

"The code to fly is a very simple one, 'Fly'." Everyone says Fly. The brooms lift off. I stare at Cho. "Off you go." I shake my head in disgust at her.

"Fly." I say. The broom soars into the sky.





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