Is this a dream x

Joanne and Jodie have always wanted to go to America and this summer they are going for the first time alone, who will they meet and how will they react...


2. Getting of the plane and going to the hotel.

So as I said we just landed it was shining so bright and people were getting taxis. After about 10 mins we finally got a taxi to our hotel. It was amazing the building was covered in lights and there where people who took your bags to your room for you, I could get used to this, I had never been in a 5* hotel before. We went to our room and grabbed our bikini's, swimming pool here I come, I wish I could show you what our hotel view was like it was like being a celebrity and, and, well words can't describe what it was like, I love it.


(2 Hours later)

Let's see I have been swimming, Sunbathed and had food in the last 2 hours. Now it's time to go check out the beach, apparently if your lucky and you go to the right beach you see celebs sunbathing. Me and Joanne went down to Manhattan Beach and lay in the sun, while Joanne was sunbathing I went over to the bar to get us some cocktails and just beside me was some fit lad he had brown curly hair and I would say a beauts body but he was turned away from me so I couldn't really see him. I walked over to him and said "Hi, I'm Jo, what's your name" he turned round and said "Hi I'm Harry, nice to meet you Jo". Was I dreaming, no I dnt think I am, I think it was so lucky there were no One Direction fans because otherwise I wouldn't be able to even say hi. "Hey, your from that band aren't you, what were they called, Oh Yh One Direction and your Harry Style, RIght" I said dying inside, I just didn't want him to think I was some over obsessed fan, even though I am. "Yh, hi, are you a fan, I'm so glad your not one of those screaming down your ear and dancing madly to our songs type of fan" He said with a big smile on his face. Let's just think back to the car when I was, well, dancing madly to there songs, I am so glad he doesn't know that. We talked for about an hour or so, and let me tell you he is one of the most amazing person you could ever meet. About 10 mins later my mate text me and said she was going back to the hotel because she was bored and I was taking to long with the drinks, but I couldn't let her go back on her own, so I told Harry it was lovely meeting him and would love to see him and maybe the other guys soon. He asked me what hotel I was staying in and he would come up, I said instead of telling you where I am staying how about I give you my number and you can text me when your free, so we exchanged numbers.

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