Is this a dream x

Joanne and Jodie have always wanted to go to America and this summer they are going for the first time alone, who will they meet and how will they react...


1. Arriving in america. (FLASHBACK)

We just got of the plane, the sun is beaming down, there are people waiting to be picked up. I was so happy because I was finally in america LA with my best friend Joanne, we had dreamed of this day since we were 13. Hi I'm Jodie but please call me Jo all my friends do. Let me tell you a story that changed my life.



It's the morning of the flight to america, my mom and Joanne's mom have finally let us go to america on our own. I was just finishing my packing when there was a knock at the door, it was Joanne my best friend (we have been mates since we were 3) we were both excited our parents had given us 2 tickets to america for our 18th, I couldn't believe we were going. We put the suitcases in the back of the car and waved goodbye to my dad, as we drove to the airport Joanne and I put One Direction on and started dancing in the car, I think people were looking at us as if we had just escaped a mental hospital but anyway me and Joanne absolutely love 1D they have came so far and we are so proud. When we got to the airport we grabbed out suitcases and ran inside not thinking if we had left our passports and money with our mom's but they were coming in with us anyway to say goodbye, we had a meal at the weatherspoons since we had 2 hours before our flight. *Flight to america Gate 2*. We said goodbye to our mom's and ran up to gate 2 where they looked at our passports and lead to the duty free shop, There is no way we could stop all we wanted to do was get on the plane and get to america. As we got onto the plane one of the flight attendants said to us because we are young and without parents she would stay close in case we were scared or needed assistance quickly. Scared, me, really, never, I have been abroad three times and always asked for the window seat I love it that much. We were on the plane for about 3 hours before I fell straight asleep, the next thing I know I'm waking up to *We are now landing in america, please put on your seatbelts now the light has come on, we will land in about 15 mins so all tables need to be put away and all shades up, thankyou*. OMG! Only 15 mins away from a great summer.

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