Dreams do come true.

Two girls Pose as maids in the hotel which One direction is staying at.
Kaitlynn Marie Thomas, goes to visit her best friend Elliza (Liza) Jones who lives in London as she does every summer, but this time will be different for more than one reason:
1. This time Kaitlynn will be traveling on the plane by herself instead of with her mum as she usually did
2. Liza has her own apartment that she started renting two months ago that is right next to One Directions hotel.
3. As they get close to 1D will two boys fight over one girl? or three?
(I appreciate constructive critisim) so if you read any of my movellas PLEASE let me know that, if you didn't like it, why? If you did like it, why? - thanks(:


26. Short Silences Filled With Drama

Kaitlynn's P.O.V


"Kait!" Harry calls after me. I back out of Louis room awkwardly. I can tell something's up. I can always tell when Liza is lying to me, she squints her eyes, and she is always startled while telling me the lie, but I can also tell its something that she really doesn't want me to find out. Zayn interrupts my thoughts by bumping into me.


"Sorry." I mumble as I take a step back to study his face. He sends me a cold stare with no response, I Avert my eyes from it and brush past him into Harry's room. I walk over to his bed where he is laid, without a shirt. I stand in front of him with my hands on my hips, thinking hard. He grabs my right wrist and pulls me on top of him, making me giggle. I lay my head down on his bare chest and take a deep breath. His right hand is laid right under the small of my back. I tilt my head up to look at him, he leans his head up too, giving me a smile. Harry leans up more and gives me a gentle kiss. 


"Since we are a couple, we should give each other annoying couple names and use it around the boys to gross them out." I suggest with a smile. Harry lets out a fake cough and I look away awkwardly noticing I just defined us as a couple when we never have been on the subject before. I slide off of Harry and lay on my back searching the room for anything to look at beside Harry. "I was just joking." I breath. "Well I'm going to go into th-" I start when Harry interrupts me as he sits up facing me. 


"Kaitlynn I wanna take you on a date. A real date. Because I really like you, and I wanna know every silly detail about you." his voice weakens a bit while he takes a pause. "I wanna do those cheesy couple things with you like the annoying couple names, and feeding each other popcorn, or putting two straws in a chocolate shake and sharing it together, but not just to the guys, to the world, in interviews, on live tv. I'm not interested in hiding someone as amazing as you Kait, so thats why I need to know, will the fame bother you? That's what happened to Danielle, she got cold feet and broke Liam's heart." He says with sore eyes. I smile and kiss him. 


"Of course i can. Let's go back to Liza's to get my purse then get some groceries or something?" I ask him as I pull away. He smiles getting up. When he gets off the bed he slides on a shirt then picks me up bridal style and runs out the hotel room with me squealing in his arms.  When we get to the elevator Harry gives me a long kiss when the doors finally open to someone, eager to get out bumps into us, making Harry stumble back and let go of our kiss.


"Oh haha hey mate." Harry says to him with a smile. I turn to study the stranger. It's Josh. 


"Harry set me down." I demand softy as I pat his chest. Harry drops my legs letting me stand, keeping an arm around my waist. 


"Hey Josh." I say guilty as I pull from Harry grip and give Josh a short hug.


"Hey Kait." he says softly in my ear. I pull away and kiss him on the cheek. "So you never texted me. . .?" Josh asks waiting for an answer. I blush and pull out my phone. I go to Josh's number in my phone. He saved it in my contacts as: 'Josh Devine, The Drummer ;)'


I text him: "Hey Josh!" then put my phone back in my bra. Seconds later Josh's phone beeps, he pulls it out with a grin, reads it then chuckles. Josh opens his mouth to say something but Harry interrupts him by clearing his throat.


" Kaitlynn, shouldnt we get going?" Harry asks impatiently. I look at my feet and nod my head. 


"Okay." I say weakly as Harry escorts me into the elevator I tilt my head up just before the doors close to wave Josh goodbye. He waves back with a half smile then they close. Harry replaces his arm around my waist. He clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth a couple times to fill the silence.


"Sooooo. . ." Harry brainstorms for a topic. The doors open back up again and a fairly pretty blonde walks in, she looks around our age. She has strips of pink in her hair, with bright silver eyeshadow, long black eyelashes, bright Red-ish Pink-ish lip stick on her perfectly shaped lips. She is wearing bright read skinny jeans and a beautiful black lace cardigan over a matching red tank top. She is texting as she walks in and turns around in front of us not noticing us. The elevator is made of mirrors so I stare at her reflection through them. She meets my stare. She has bright brown eyes, similar to Zayns. She turns her stare to Harry then drops her phone on the ground, turning around letting out a squeal as she hugs him. He hugs her back letting his hand leave my side. I smile and try to be polite.


"H-H-Harry Styles! I'm your biggest fan!" she screams in his ear. He pulls away.


"Ow, don't scream love." he suggests. Just as the elevator stops. A voice comes on telling us to not worry, it will be back and going in no time. The girl keeps her huge smile then kisses Harry. Right. On. The. Lips. I loose my smile and widen my eyes at her. She keeps freaking out trying to keep the kiss with full eagerness but Harry pulls away turning his head. She turns her head to take a look at me. She opens her mouth wide at my image, as what looks like, anger fills her face she scrunches her lips together then slaps me in the face knocking me to the wall of the elevator. Harry pulls her back in alarm.


"Whore!" she screams as she tries to pull from his grip. I stand straight up. 


"Just because I'm with Harry, and your jealous doesn't mean I'm a whore you ass!" I yell at her. She turns to face Harry.


"She is cheating on you! That slut, there is!" she yells at Harry while pointing at me behind her back. I furrow my eyebrows together, as does Harry.


"What?" Me and Harry ask at the same time. She rolls her eyes at me as she turns back to face me. 


"You! Are all over the Internet,  'Mystery Girl'" She exclaims at me. 


"For what? Cheating? I'm not cheating on anyone!" I spit back in defense. 


"Really? Because their is proof, pictures of you and Harry kissing and you and Liam kissing! It's also rumored that your slutty friend is cheating on Niall with Louis!" she yells, her voice filled with anger. Harry turns the girl so she is facing him.


"Hold on! She is NOT a slut, neither is Liza. So shut up!" He yells at her annoyed. She stands there frozen, not knowing what to say back just as the elevator starts moving again and the voice comes back on.


"Thank you for your patience, have a nice day!" It says. Harry lets go of the girl giving her a cold stare. He walks over to me.


"Are you Okay?" he asks me concerned. I nod my head then turn to the girl.


"Liam kissed me, alright? Because he thought he liked me at the moment, don't be so freaking dramatic im not sleeping around. But as Liam realized he didn't like me, Harry knew he-" I stop, not knowing what to say about Harrys feelings.


"Harry knew he does like Kaitlynn and so I kissed her and now I like to think of her as my girlfriend." Harry finishes looking me in the eyes.


"You do?" I ask hopefully. He nods his head and I kiss him happily just as we reach the bottom floor. The girl picks up her cell phone, hits her shoulder against mine as she angrily leaves the elevator. Me and Harry share a laugh as we walk out behind her. She walks straight out the door and we follow, Harry's arm around my shoulders. The security guard guy walks over to us, not letting us go out the doors.


"Harry Styles, I have orders to keep you in the hotel unless we take you where yo need to go." He orders us, his arm extended forward. Harry pushes his hand down.


"Jarod, I'm going to her apartment next door." Harry persuades as he takes his arm off me. 


"Great that means I can go with you." Jarod replies boldly. Harry escorts him a way from me then discusses something to him in a hushed voice, that I can not hear. Then they come back. "Have a nice time kids." he says as he rushes us out the doors. When we get outside Harry entwines the fingers on his left hand with the fingers on my right hand, then a take my left hand and link it across his elbow like they do in the cute love movies. As we keep walking with nothing to talk much about, a black van parks on the street next to us. Harry doesn't pay too much attention to it but, I can't help but stare as the shrieking tires come to a complete stop. Then a nicely dressed dark skinned woman, and a pale white man holding a big camera pop out of the van. I tighten my grip around Harry's arm.


"Harry." I say cautiously to get his attention just as they reach us.


"Harry Styles, you are a hard one to find." She says to us as she stops in front of us, not allowing us to walk any more. I try to pull my hand away from Harry's so he doesn't have to face our somewhat 'Relationship' in public, or in this case, the world. Harry tightens his grip, not letting me pull away. 


"Hah, yes. I guess." He says nervously. The lady plasters a huge fake smile on her face and let's out a loud laugh trying to keep the conversation going. 


"So tell me, Is this the Mystery Girl?" The lady asks while shoving a tape recorder in his face.


"Ya, I believe that's how they address Kaitlynn." Harry answers. 


"Ohhhh Kaitlynn, pretty name fit for a pretty girl! So tell me Kaitlynn, are you and Harry dating?" She asks then shoves the recorder in my face. I widen my eyes and look at Harry not knowing what he wants me to say. He looks at me and gives me a smile. 


"No, I haven't taken her on a date yet. But I want to. If she'd let me." He answers for me honorably. I smile back. 


"Are you aware that she snogged another member in your band?" The lady asks clearly then pulls out a paper from a clip board in her hand


"Me and my assistant  Printed out some reactions as to the pictures online. One is, and I quote, 'Why would she do that to my babies? The ugly bitch obviously does not have a heart.' and others are simple, like: 'Whore!' or 'Slut', sometimes: 'Skank!' Kaitlynn even has some death threats going around." The lady says then points the recorder towards Harry. 


"Zayn kissed me! Okay! it was a mistake and he knows that now, we talked about it!" I burst out trying to defend myself. she raises her eyebrows at me.


"Zayn? You kissed Zayn? So you are playing with three hearts, Liam, Harry, and Zayn. Are their any other secrets you are willing to spill?" She says returning the recorder back to me. Once again, Harry comes in to save me.  


"Alright that's enough!" Harry snaps at her, tightening his grip on my hand in anger. "She is not 'Playing' with anyone's heart! Let me make this clear, Kaitlynn Marie Thomas is not slut or skank, or anything similar.She is a gorgeous girl that attracts guys hearts, but what is she suppose to do about that? she is not leading anyone on, that is for damn certain. Liam, Zayn, Josh, and I all like her but she broke it off with them, because she did not fully like them back. But that is not her fault, you do not control who you have feelings for. Now if you will excuse us, we are leaving. Goodbye." Harry explains then leads me around them and into Liza's apartment building. When we get to the top floor I notice we haven't spoken any words to each other, he still has his tight grip on my hand as he jerks my forward towards the door. I finally come to a stop.


"Harry!" I yell at him as i rip my hand from his grip. I look at my hand, now blue and purple from loss of circulation. 


"What?!" He yells back angrily. i straighten my face giving him a pissed off stare. He gives me a hard kiss, almost knocking me over but a push him away then turn around. Why is he being such an ass to me?! What the hell did I do?! I can almost feel the guilt spread over him as he lays a hand on my shoulder. "Sorry." He mumbles to me apologetically. I turn around and see his sad stare at me.


"Why are you mad at me?" I ask.


" I'm not. I'm mad at the people who labeled you such horrible things." Harry says quietly. I hug him.


"I can take care of myself Harry, don't worry." I whisper in his ear.he pulls away from our hug and takes a look at my right hand, giving it a small kiss. 


"Sorry." He whispers to it, while looking at me. I let a small smile appear then kiss his lips gently. We walk into Liza's unlocked apartment.


"Where is your purse?" Harry asks me.


"It's In my suitcase in Liza's closet." I smile as i give him a small kiss. Then point to her closet. he walks in there and looks at the suitcase.


"Not much clothes for living here. . . ?" Harry asks me. 


"Nope, the rest are with my parents in New York." I say trying to act normal. He nods his head then goes through my suitcase.


"What are these?" He asks curiously as he grabs a couple photographs from the bottom of the suitcase. He hold up one and gives me a Jealous look. i sit next to him and see which one it is. It's the one of me and Kaden. Kaden is kissing my cheeks and i am doing a kissy face to the camera. I let out a giggle.


"That's my best friend. His name is Kaden Mathews, he is from New York." I answer happily. Harry nods his head then takes a look at the next picture, its of my brother Logan, and I. We are doing the 'Duck Face'  with wide eyes. Logan has bright blue eyes and dark brown short hair. All through my child hood people always asked us if we are twins, even though he is four years older than me. Logan is very handsome, He is very successful in sports, especially in football and volleyball. Girls were crazy for him and pretty much everyone in our town new his name because he was never rude to anyone. He only had three girlfriends through high school, each one tore his heart out bits by bits. When he turned 18, he moved back to London, but would come visit on Holidays. Me and my brother have always been close, I am suppose to go visit him on this trip. "My older brother Logan." I say to Harry as i nod to the photograph. Harry looks at the last pic, of me and my Parents, the year my Dad died, I was 16, and we were at a bowling pin alley."My Mom, me, and my late Dad." I say to Harry. he looks at me.


"Awe, I am sorry Kait." Harry says with furrowed eyebrows. I smile.


"Hah, it's fine." I Say back. Harry puts the photos back then picks up my baby blue purse with a zebra striped flower on the front of it, and matching zebra straps. he smiles and hands it to me.  "Lets go?" I suggest. he nods his head and we leave the apartment.  

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