Dreams do come true.

Two girls Pose as maids in the hotel which One direction is staying at.
Kaitlynn Marie Thomas, goes to visit her best friend Elliza (Liza) Jones who lives in London as she does every summer, but this time will be different for more than one reason:
1. This time Kaitlynn will be traveling on the plane by herself instead of with her mum as she usually did
2. Liza has her own apartment that she started renting two months ago that is right next to One Directions hotel.
3. As they get close to 1D will two boys fight over one girl? or three?
(I appreciate constructive critisim) so if you read any of my movellas PLEASE let me know that, if you didn't like it, why? If you did like it, why? - thanks(:


27. *Not a Chapter*

Hey Readers!(:

I want your opinion on something, Who do you think Kaitlynn should end up with? Even though it may not seem like it, she is still conflicted in choosing one of them, lets not forget about Kaden, the nicest guy ever. Has always been by her side, defending her in horrible situations, but we don't know if he likes her. Kaitlynn likes him, she has just never dared admitting it to herself. Or, Josh, the sweetest guy ever, charming and funny, cute smile. Maybe Liam? He is a cutey with a heart of gold. Zayn? He obviously has an interest, along with jealousy in Kaitlynn. I guess you could include Louis, but he seems more interested in Liza. Anyway, Let me know! I wanna hear your opinions! 

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