Dreams do come true.

Two girls Pose as maids in the hotel which One direction is staying at.
Kaitlynn Marie Thomas, goes to visit her best friend Elliza (Liza) Jones who lives in London as she does every summer, but this time will be different for more than one reason:
1. This time Kaitlynn will be traveling on the plane by herself instead of with her mum as she usually did
2. Liza has her own apartment that she started renting two months ago that is right next to One Directions hotel.
3. As they get close to 1D will two boys fight over one girl? or three?
(I appreciate constructive critisim) so if you read any of my movellas PLEASE let me know that, if you didn't like it, why? If you did like it, why? - thanks(:


20. Is It All An Act?

 Kaitlynn's P.O.V

He lightly hovers his fingers under my arm.

"Harry! Please! ANYTHING!" I scream. 

"And everything I say?" louis asks me.

"Yes! Just don't tickle me!" I shriek. They help me up then tie my hands behind my back with some rope that Liza keeps in her supply closet. This is so ridiculous.

"Now! You shall kiss-eth me on my cheek!" Louis demands. I kiss him on the cheek.

"Now kiss Harry on the cheek." Louis demands. I giggle and kiss Harry on the cheek.  

"Now kiss Liam on the cheek." Louis demands, i let out another giggle and do as I'm told. 

"Now go into the balcony and don't say ANYTHING not one word, even if he talks to you and kiss Niall on the cheek!" Harry demands.

"Ohh good one Harry." Louis says as he high fives Harry.  "And you can't say ANYTHING for the rest of tonight!" Louis adds.

"No guys! I already kissed three cheeks!" I object. Louis launches himself by me and starts tickling my sides, I scream

"Fine! Fine!" I say as I walk through the kitchen and to the balcony. I see them both looking at the view, their hands rested on each others. I open the door and walk out there. They turn around and look at me.

"Hey Kait, what are you doing?" liza asks, I bite my lip and walk over to Niall.

"Heh- Hey." Niall says. I get on my tipi toes and kiss him on the cheek. He blushes and I turn around and walk away, leaving the balcony. That was the weirdest thing I have, Ever, Done. As I go around the corner I bump Into Zayn. Louis stands at the other end of the room being obnoxious as he waves his hands to get my attention. Zayn starts talking to me and Louis hold up a paper that says, 'Kiss the cheek!' I interrupt Zayn by getting on my tip toes and kiss his bristled cheek. He stops talking and smiles at me.

"You could of just told me to shut up." he says cutely, I Blush and shake my head. "Do you like me Kaitlynn? At all? Because I'm getting mixed signals from you. Are we just friends? Are we going to just stay that wa-" he gets cut off by me kissing his cheek again. As I pull away he studies my face. Then leans in and kisses my lips passionately. I let my hands break free from the rope and cup his face. I pull away and bite my lip. What about Liam? Im not even sure if i have feelings toward Harry! I can't choose anyone until I figure this damn thing out. "Sorry." he apologizes. I shake my head, smiling. Then I run past him and go to the bathroom. I sit in the dry bathtub and run my fingers through my hair in frustration.  They just want to get in my pants. Why else would they like me in two days?! How could I be so stupid?! They could have really hurt me! I really like them all and I don't want to be used like this. Even if it is my gorgeous One Direction. I get out of the tub and leave the en suite bathroom, go into Lizas room and locking the door behind me. I lay down on the bed, my face stuffed into a pillow. Someone knocks on the door.

"I'm busy!" I shout at them.

"They are leaving, you wanna say good night?" It's Liza. 

"No!" I shout as I burry my head deeper into the pillow.

"Bye Kaitlynn!" I hear a couple people shout then I hear the front door close. Liza knocks on the door.

"Okay, whats up?!" she asks. I go to the door and unlock it then go back and sit on the bed. Liza comes in and sits next to me.

"They are all just a big joke Liza." I sigh as I lean on her shoulder.

"What do you mean?" she asks me as she leans her head on mine. 

"Why do you think they act so in love?! We've only known 'em for two days Liza! They are just using us so they can get in our pants then they'll leave and forget all about us and take on a new pair of victims." i yell at her like shes a toddler that doesnt understand anything. I am now sitting face to face to her, her eyes become glassy and full of tears.

"Niall's different, he wouldn't do that to me." she shakes her head in denial. 

"They are famous Liza! They could have models and famous singers! Why pick us? We are nothing. . ." I say in frustration. I look over at her, she refuses to meet my eyes. As she blinks, a tear escape her eyes. Liza is tough with pain, but not heart ache. Too many guys have treated her like shes nothing. I lean in and give her a hug.

"I didn't mean it." I whisper in her ear.

"Do you really think Nialls leading me on? Hes been so kind and romantic to me, no guy has ever treated me like this Kait, I can't take another disappointment." she says to me.

"Liza I didn't mean it, I'm just grumpy and tired. Its 3:00 a.m. And I'm taking all my thoughts and blaming them on you. I'm so sorry. Will you forgive me?"  I say softly. She sniffles.

"Yes. Thank you Kait." She smiles, and wipes her tear away with her sleeve from Nialls hoodie. "Harry has an interest in you Kait I can tell by the way his expression will change when he looks at you."

"Well Zayn and Liam both kissed me today so I have no idea what to think!" I say as I lay back down.

"Dang girl!" she exclaims. "But you did kiss Niall on the cheek too, what was going on there?" I giggle. 

"Dont ask, it was Harry and Louis doings!" she giggles. I go into the en suite bathroom and slip on Harrys hoodie, I like wearing guys sweatshirts, they smell good like cologne and wearing a hoodie 3 sizes too big is just, the best. We brush our teeth and such, And hop into bed. 

"I think I really like Niall, Kait." Liza says softly through the dark of the room.

"I know. He really likes you too Liza. Everyone could tell you guys instantly clicked at first sight." I can feel her smile. 

"Goodnight." she whispers and I drift to sleep.

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