Dreams do come true.

Two girls Pose as maids in the hotel which One direction is staying at.
Kaitlynn Marie Thomas, goes to visit her best friend Elliza (Liza) Jones who lives in London as she does every summer, but this time will be different for more than one reason:
1. This time Kaitlynn will be traveling on the plane by herself instead of with her mum as she usually did
2. Liza has her own apartment that she started renting two months ago that is right next to One Directions hotel.
3. As they get close to 1D will two boys fight over one girl? or three?
(I appreciate constructive critisim) so if you read any of my movellas PLEASE let me know that, if you didn't like it, why? If you did like it, why? - thanks(:


22. I Choose Him, I Think

Kaitlynns P.O.V

I attempt to run back up the stairs to Zayn but Harry tightens his grip around my hand pulling me back to him. 

"If he's mad that's his problem." he says gently. I try to pull from his grip again, and he turns me around still holding onto my hand. "Kaitlynn, its okay, I'm with you." 

"Okay Harry but im not in the mood to hurt anyone, I'm going to go talk to Zayn." I say as I try again to pull away. He doesn't give up.

"Kai-" He starts to object, but I interrupt him.

"Trust me Harry, Okay? I can't trust you if you don't trust me." I say slightly irritated.  He lets go. I run up the stairs. When I get to the top  Zayn is sitting outside Liza's apartment, his back rested against the door, his head in his hands. He doesn't notice me. He's startled when he hears me sit down next to him and tries to stand up but I place my hand on his shoulder 

"Kaitlynn I'm fine." He says boldly.

"Can we talk a little?" I ask.

"Why? I don't like you." he says rudely. 

"But, yesterday you-" I start, he cuts me off and turns to me.

"Yesterday nothing Kaitlynn, I never liked you. Yesterday I kissed you off of impulse because, your right, I wanted to get in your pants. That's all you'll ever be, the girl you have sex with then leave her." he says. I stare at him while my vision becomes blurry and full of tears. "And you certainly get around huh?" I slap him in the face and go into the apartment, going into Liza's room walking past everyone. And locking the door behind me. I sit on the bed and blink my tears free letting out a long sob. I rip my raincoat off and chuck it at the door. Then I frustratingly grab a pillow, hug it and cry into it. Am I really just a slut?  What have I done that's relates to a slut?! Liam and Zayn kissed me! Even if they wanted to just get in my pants, how does that label ME as a slut? Well. . . I did kiss Harry, but I trust Harry. . . Kinda. Well I did! But now I don't know because Zayn was probably right. When Harry told me I could trust him, he had this look in his beautiful eyes, a look I can't describe, a look of honesty. I bet he uses that on all his girls he charms on. Okay now I just sound like a judgey bitch. Zayn is worse. I never want to talk to him again. He basically told me everyone will always use for one night stands because I'm such a slut that they know they can, and that's all I'm going to ever be. And maybe he was right. Someone knocks on the door. I build up my voice and manage to get something out.

"Who is it?"  I ask in a shaky voice.

"Harry, let me in Kaitlynn please?" he asks kindly. More tears pour down my face from hearing some sympathy. I walk over to the door and open it. Harry looks at my face and immediately gives me a hug, sweeping me off my feet. The tears continue to fall from my face to his dark blue shirt. He uses one of his hands and closes the door, not letting go of me."What happened?" he whispers to my neck. "Zayn stormed down the stairs and wouldn't answer me when I asked what's wrong." Harry says quietly as he lays down on the bed, me in his arms. I try to speak but my voice fails. Why am I this upset? I know I should be upset but not this upset! But then again whenever I get attention when I'm sad it makes it about 1,000 tears worse.

"I- I'm fine." I mumble through tears.  He rubs my back soothingly. 

"No your not, tell me." he whispers.

" Make Zayn tell you his opinion about me. I don't want to talk about it." I say and get up off the bed wiping my tears and walking out the room. When I see everyone turn and stare at me I feel the tears build up in my eyes again. I take deep breaths and walk into the kitchen to get some water. I get a glass and fill it. Everyone is still glaring at me.

"Is everything okay Kait?" Liza asks. 

"Mhmm." I reassure her with my weak shaky voice. I can't take it anymore. I leave the apartment and run down the stairs as fast as I can letting a few sobs escape me. When I get outside I go to the hotel and talk to Jerry, I'm pretty sure he noticed something wrong with me but didn't bring it up because he knew it would make it worse. I go up to the boys room and go inside. I don't say anything I just walk in closing the door behind me. I storm into Zayns room, hes on the bed. When he sees me he jumps off so we are face to face. I continue walking and slap him as hard as I can in the face.

"How DARE you!" I yell at him. He opens his mouth about to talk but I cut him off. "I'm am not done! you kissed me! You kissed ME! Liam kissed ME! Harry was the only one that didn't make it seem fake! So yes I finally had a choice and kissed him! I don't 'Get around.'!" My eyes fill with tears again. "why would you say that to me?! I didn't sleep with anyone! You don't even know me well enough to say that in the first place!" I slap him in the face again. He kisses me and I cooperate immediately. We back up until my back is pressed against the wall. He grabs my thighs so my legs are wrapped around his waist and my face is level with his. He lifts me up a little and begins to kiss my neck. I cant even think straight. I'm not even thinking. Just how good of a kisser Zayn is. I let out a quite moan and he drops me slightly to kiss my lips again. He stops and pulls away. I flutter my eyes open.

"Can I kiss you?" he asks cutely. I kiss him.

"Mhmm." I mumble against his mouth. I gently drag my nails on his back. He grunts making me want him even more. He walks to the bed and lays me down, him on top of me and continues to kiss me. He pulls his mouth away, leaving his nose on mine. 

"God your so beautiful." he says. I open my eyes to see him looking at me, his gorgeous brown eyes glowing in the dim light. I put my hand on his upper arm and flip so he is on bottom and im on top. I smile at him then lean and kiss his nose, then kiss right below his nose, then his lips. He sits up so I'm on his lap, his arms strongly supporting me as we continue to kiss. I begin to lift his shirt while we kiss. He lets go of our kiss and pulls it off, then flips his hair. I smile and push him down so he is laying. I look at his bare chest. Admiring it. I can't help but to smile as I trace my hands over his tattoos and his abs. He flips me over so he is on top of me and begins to kiss me.

"I'm sorry." he mumbles against my mouth. I lean and kiss his bottom lip slowly. When I get to the end of it, I bite it gently. He moans then kisses me. We hear the front door of the hotel open. I can hear Harry talking to Louis. I push Zayn off of means run and turn the light on. What did I just do? Harry! I clasp my hand over my mouth. Everything Zayn said Is true. Well no it's not! No one owns me! I'm not sleeping with anyone! I feel like Zayn can make me feel whatever he wants, like I'm his puppet. He walks over to me.

"Just don't tell Harry if you don't want to." He whispers in my ear. I nod my head quickly, taking my hand off my mouth and leave the room. 

"Hey Kaitlynn!" Harry says as he gives me a hug. "Did you work it out with Zayn?" he asks nicely. God I'm a horrible person. I nod my head and force a smile. Zayn walks out behind me now, with a shirt on. 

"Yah I apologized." Zayn says softly.

"What did you do in the first place Zayn?!" Harry asks Zayn raising his voice a little. Zayn looks at the ground.

"I told her some stuff I didn't mean." he says. 

"Me and Zayn just made out!" I blurt out. Harry stands there not knowing what to say. "I came over here to stand up for myself, I - I ran to his room slapped him in the face and started yelling at him and when I was finished I slapped him again then he kissed me. I couldn't even think straight. I'm so sorry Harry." I explain as my eyes build in tears again. A single tear races down my face as I stare at Harry's eyes. He wipes it away with his thumb.

"It's okay Kaitlynn. We are not dating, your not my possession. But Zayn you took advantage of her, she was vulnerable." He raises his voice at Zayn. I turn to Zayn. "No Harry don't get mad at him. Can we just forget this ever happened? I don't want you guys to get in a fight because of me." I say to Harry behind my back. I turn my head to Harry, he's nodding his head with a half smile. I hug him. I guess there is no me and Liam. Or me and Zayn. I want to be with Harry. It least I think I do. 

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