Dreams do come true.

Two girls Pose as maids in the hotel which One direction is staying at.
Kaitlynn Marie Thomas, goes to visit her best friend Elliza (Liza) Jones who lives in London as she does every summer, but this time will be different for more than one reason:
1. This time Kaitlynn will be traveling on the plane by herself instead of with her mum as she usually did
2. Liza has her own apartment that she started renting two months ago that is right next to One Directions hotel.
3. As they get close to 1D will two boys fight over one girl? or three?
(I appreciate constructive critisim) so if you read any of my movellas PLEASE let me know that, if you didn't like it, why? If you did like it, why? - thanks(:


28. Different Games

Hey guys, Snowy texas hasn't contacted me in like, 2 weeks so I decided to write this chapter too. Thank you for your patience. - MissKate4477




Harry's P.O.V

I try to be the gentleman Kaitlynn deserves. She sure doesn't deserve the horrible titles she has been given, or my reaction to them, I need to comfort her. I can show her I am worthy to live up to her expectations. When we finally get to the bottom of the stairs from Liza's apartment building my mobile rings. I just ignore it.

"Are you going to answer that?" Kaitlynn asks as if I'm crazy. I smile and take it out of my pocket. It reads 'Nialler' I click answer.

"Hello Niall." I speak into the mobile with a sigh.

"Harry you didn't come to rehearsal today! They want you to come back. They said there is no excuse." Niall explains. I sigh.

"But I was gunna take Kait to the grocery store." I whine.

"I can take her Bro, where are you?" He asks.

"Right outside Lizas apartment building." I answer.

"Kay tell Kaitlynn to wait there, you go to rehearsal, now. And I'll be with Kait in a sec." He orders.

"Okay Love you, bye Nialler." I say.

"Love you too, bye." he says and I hang up.

"I think it's so cute, that you guys say I love you. Because your like brothers." Kaitlynn says as she touches my arm. I chuckle.

"We are brothers." I smile. "Any way I got to go, Niall will meet you here in a sec to take you to groceries. See ya babe." I say to her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. She looks confused so i try to explain it more. "I have to go, for the rehearsal i didnt go to today." I say with a smile. She smiles then gives me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Okay, text me." She says against my mouth then pulls away. I smile and turn around, she slaps my bum with a smile. I chuckle then walk to my car.


Liam's P.O.V

"Where are you going mate?" I ask Niall whom is pulling on his sneakers. 

"Harry had to ditch Kaitlynn for rehearsal so I'm going to take her for groceries instead." He says with a smile. I hesitate before I respond.

"Mind if I come to?" I ask. Niall chuckles softly.

"I don't know if it's a good idea, but sure." he says as he walks out the hotel door leaving me with a frown on my face. When I finally catch up to him, we are waiting for the elevator doors to open.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I ask with furrowed eyebrows.

"I know you fancy her Liam, but Harry is with her right now, and we all know this story ends in a fight." Niall says with a smirk. I roll my eyes as the doors open and we get in, clicking the lobby button.

"I'm not that immature. And they are not 'Together' they just have an interest in each other." I object. Niall chuckles like its the silliest thing I had ever said. 

"And your just in denial." He responds. But I know he's right, I like Kaitlynn. When we get to the lobby we tell Jarod the same excuse as we always do, he gives us a stuburn look then let's us leave. I see Kaitlynn slumped down on the side of Liza's apartment building, looking perfect, as always. She smacks a big smile on her face at Niall and My image as she jumps up and runs over to us.

"I didn't know Liam was coming!" she says happily as she gives Niall a hug, then me. As she pulls away, she walks up to Niall again.

"Where is Liza?" she asks him. 

"I sent her to the spa so she wouldn't be alone while we were at rehearsal, she should be out in about two hours." he answers with a smile as we start walking to the car.

"Oh, we'll I'm jealous." Kait says cutely. Niall answers with a small chuckle. As we reach the car, Niall unlocks it and Kaitlynn jumps in the back seat.

"Liam, you'll drive." Niall orders as he tosses me the keys. 

"It's okay, Niall, you can drive." I say with a smile. Niall flashes me a dirty look and gets in the back seat. What does he even think I will do? Seduce her in the back seat of the car? What a hypothetical cock blocker. I sit in the drivers seat obediently and turn the engine over. 


Kaitlynns P.O.V

Liam turns the radio on and it's just some producer talking. Then introduces the upcoming song 'Moments' by One Direction. We all laugh and when Liam's beginning part comes on we all sing along. It's crazy how astonishing their voices are in person. It's even better than the radio version. I get so into the lyrics that by the time Louis part is over and the second chorus comes on I notice I was just singing Nialls and Louis solos alone. I stop singing in embarrassment. 

"Wow. . ." Niall says to me with wide eyes. I blush.

"That bad?" I ask. This has to be one of the most embaresing moments of my life. Liam slams on the breaks and pulls to the side of the street.

"Are you joking me Kaitlynn?" Liam asks as if I'm crazy. That was dramatic. Was I really that horrible? My gosh, I know I wasn't that good but, I didn't think I was that freaking bad. . .  

"You don't have to be so rude about it." I mumble in defense. They chuckle and I feel my cheeks grow hot and full of anger. 

"Kaitlynn that was amazing." Niall says. Like I'm ridiculous for thinking otherwise. 

"Okay, whatever." I say. "Don't lie to me it just makes me mad." I say stubbornly.

"Holy shit Kaitlynn stop lying to yourself! You know that was amazing!" Niall says putting a hand on my shoulder. I let a small smile apear on my face." If Liza sings that good she is going to sing to me every waking minute." he adds. I giggle.

"Liza can't carry a note Niall, but her voice is adorable anyway." I say with a big smile. He laughs.

"That's exactly what she said 'I can't carry a note.'" he replies recalling the memory. I laugh and lay my head on his shoulder. 

"Sing a song Kaitlynn." Liam says, looking out the the windshield. 

"Ha noooo!" I object as I sit straight up. 

"I am not going to drive this car until you start singing." he orders I smile and begin to sing the song 'Don't Stop Believing' By Journey, Liam starts driving and I stop at the end of the first chorus. 

"Moree!" Liam and Niall beg. I laugh.

"No, the grocery store is right there! Pull over!" I demand with a cheeky smile. He chuckles then pulls over obediently. Liam gets out of the car first then opens my door for me.

"Thank you." I say with a smile as I get out of the car. When we get inside, Niall picks me up and dumps me into the shopping cart, then him and Liam run around the store pushing it. Me doing a scream/laugh. A man in the stores' uniform walks in front of the cart not allowing them to push it (me) any further. 

"Ahem." He clears his throat."Get the young lady out of the shopping cart and do some actual shopping, or feel the need to get out." He demands in a strict voice.

"Yes sir." Niall says like he is scared. 

"Thank you." I nod to the employee with a smile. Niall picks me up and places me on the ground. The man nods his head in approval then walks away. When he leaves our sight, we all burst into a fit of laughter.

"Karma!" I shout at Niall as I lean my hands on his shoulders, laughing so hard I think my head is going to pop off. When we settle down, we decide to spilt up to gather everything we need. Liam takes a page of paper and pen and make a list of everything we need. Then he tears it into three separate pieces giving an equal amount of groceries to get, we walk away in different directions. I look at the first item on my list, milk. I go to the dairy section and grab a carton, then a carton of orange juice, then some Cheerios cereal, then head over to the canned soup. I select a couple tasty looking ones when someone bumps into me making me drop them all. I turn to take a look at the culprit, slightly annoyed. It's Liam, he is apologizing and kneeling on the ground as he picks them up. I smile, kneel on the ground and help him pick them up. 

"Haha it's okay Liam." I tell him as he tilts his head up to take a look at me. He smiles with a blush then helps me up. 

"Wanna just find groceries together?" Liam asks with his hands in his jean pockets. I smile and nod my head. Liam takes the stuff out of his cart and transfers it to mine. Then he begins to push it down the isle. He takes a deep breathe before he speaks.

". . . So, you and Harry, huh?" he asks. I smile at the sound of his name. 

"Yep." I answer proudly. 

"You two are dating now?" he asks as he glances at me through the corner of his eyes. 

"No, I don't really think so. . . Well, it's complicated." I say as I bite my lip. He leans to the side and picks up some peanut butter and puts in the cart, then continues walking.

"Do you like Zayn?" He asks.

"I like Harry, just Harry." I assure him. He stops walking and turns to face me.

"Well why don't you like me?" he asks with furrowed eyebrows. 

"W-well I," I stutter nervously "I do - or I mean, I did. . ." I answer looking at the floor.

"And then what? What did I do? Last I recall Harry is the one that upset you, never me." He says softly. I still refuse to meet his stare. 

"I know. But Harry didn't mean to upset me." I answer nervously. Liam takes a step towards me, making us only inches apart. 

"But I never would." he almost whispers I tilt my head up and meet his powerful gaze.

"Liam," I guiltily choke out. He hushes me softly then kisses me straight on the lips as he did before on the way to the park. I get lost in the moment but as soon as I come into realization I pull away and clasp my hand over my mouth. I turn away sharply and walk away quickly.

"Kait-" He calls after me. I continue to walk out the exit doors and walk along  the sidewalk. Why would he do that? What am I going to say to Harry?! 'Oh yeah and babe, Liam just kissed me again.' maybe tomorrow I might have to kiss Zayn again, and confess yet another unwanted story. It's pissing me off, my feelings are flipping from one side to another. And it's almost like that is what Liam and Zayn want. Harry doesn't want that. But if I was with Liam or Zayn instead of Harry, would Harry respond the same as they do? I hope not. I just wanna be with Niall right now. Niall, or Kaden. I trust them with my feelings. Liza never knows how to respond to my situations such as this. When it comes to me and Liza, I'm the advice giver. But, now I need advice. I take off my boots and press my feet against the cool pavement. The light breeze lifting my hair slightly feels nice as I run away from my thoughts. Or it least attempt to. After I run a couple blocks a thought crosses my mind about someone. I smile and pull out my phone dialing his number. 

"Hey Kait!" he says as he picks up my call.

"Will you come get me?" I ask.

"Of coarse  Where are you?" he asks, I can practically see his smile that I  miss, so much.

"At the Shell Gas Station on Pendlebury street." I answer.

"Okay I'll be there in like, five minutes. Love you!" he says. I smile.

"Love you too."  As I wait on the curb outside the gas station. About five minutes later a car pulls up right in front of me. As the driver rolls down the window, a worried Niall, is looking at me. 

"Kaitlynn! You can't just leave me without letting me know! What if you got kidnapped?!" Niall lectures me.

"I have a ride coming, I'm fine." I answer with a smile. I can see Liams shadowed face from the other side of the car.

"Who?" Niall asks surprised. 


"Someone." I answer. 

"Well why did you just leave? I was getting groceries for YOU, love!" he says revealing his tiny English accent interfering with his Irish accent. 

"I know. I'm sorry." I say with my head down, just as the guy I called pulls up behind Nialls car. I sequel and run to him. As he steps out of the car he wraps me into a big hug.

"I missed you SO much Logan!" I smile.

"I missed you to Sis!" he replies with his strong country accent as he pulls away.

"This is your brother?" Niall, who is now out of the car, asks protectively from behind me. I smile as I turn to him.

"Yes. And you are?" Logan asks even more protectively, his Country accent booming from now, behind me. Let me explain why Logan has an country accent instead of an English one: When we were younger, and Logan  was about 14, he was a trouble maker in my parents eyes. So he had to go and live with my grandparents, who live in Alabama. He lived with them for two and a half years,  then came home permanently. Well, until he turned 18. Then he moved to England. His Country accent never left though. He never really got along with my Parents, well because he thought they thought, I was perfect and they thought he was just a screw up. Which was true, except I wasn't perfect and Logan wasn't a screw up. Logan was and is the best brother any one could have except for the, I barely ever get to see him. 

"Niall Horan." Niall answers firmly as Logan takes him into a strong grip and shakes his hand. Niall does a soft yelp in response to handshake.

"Logan!" I snap at him before he lets go.

"Are you two a couple?" Logan asks us. Me and Niall chorus a long no.

"She is more like my sister, except. . . She isn't, she is your sister. . ." Niall explains. I giggle.

"He is, Dating, Liza?" I ask Niall with raised eyebrows. Niall nods his head in confirmation. I smile even bigger. Awe. Liam comes and joins us. I keep my eyes away from him even though I can feel his on me. 

"Oh Miss Eliza Jones. I haven't seen her in like six years." Logan says with a smile.

"Anyway. Should we get going?" I ask Logan.

"Ya one Sec, and you are. . .?" Logan asks looking at Liam.

"Liam Payne." Liam answers as Logan gives him a firm handshake. I can tell Logan is squeezing it, hard, because Liam's knuckles are turning purple. But Liam is returning the favor, making Logan's hand react the same way, even though they are both giving each other friendly smiles.

"Alright boys." I laugh as I put my hand on theirs. I see Liam grow goosebumps up his arm at my touch. Logan pulls away and pats Liam on the back.

"I like you." Logan says with a chuckle and a big grin. Liam laughs too.

"You guys look kinda familiar. Have we met before?" Logan asks.  

"Maybe you've heard of our band?" Niall asks.

"How could he not? Your only like, the most famous boy band, slash heart throbs out there." I say. Liam and Niall chuckle.

"Oh my Gosh! Beautiful. . . You don't know your beautiful!" Logan says as he figures it out. 

"What makes you beautiful." I correct.

"Yeah haha, my sister has had the biggest obsession over your guys for like, ever!" Logan says. Niall and Liam shoot their eyes to me, making me blush and look away.

"Okay, can we go now?" I ask Logan shooting him an 'I hate you' look. Logan chuckles and hops in his car.

"when are you coming back to Liza's?" Niall asks. I shrug my shoulders and give him a hug.

"See ya. Tell-" I start.

"Harry to call you?" Niall interrupts. I blush again and nod my head. I give Liam a half hearted hug with no words and hop into Logan's car. I finally check my phone for the first time since I got here. -Six New Messages From Kaden(:- I read the first one he sent, and up.

'Hey, when can you call me back?' 


' Heeeeeey sexy laday!'

'I didn't. . . '

'I Mean,'

'Im Just going to go now. . .' I laugh and text him back.

'Haha you are fine! Sorry I have been really busy. Forgive me?' I type and send.  He is such a crazy person, in a good way. He has always been an awkward texter, I can see the regret in his texts, our song is Gangnam Style because the first time we saw it, I was at his house in his room, during one of our sleep overs. We laughed for like an hour.  Our sleep aren't weird or anything, but me and his mom are really close and his little sister Haylee and I are really close. She is six, and she talks to me practically every day and I love it. When I stay at Kaden's house, Kaden lets me and Haylee sleep in his bed while he goes and sleeps on the couch. We usually stay out in the living room watching movies until about 12:30 then i go to his room where Haylee is sleeping and jump in bed with her. If not, I'll just fall asleep on the couch with Kaden. If we are at my house, he usually sleeps in my bed with me. Which still isn't weird because, he is my best friend and it feels just the same as if I were having a sleep over with Liza. I act, feel, and talk the same way. Of coarse he doesn't act the same as Liza does. Well, because, he is not a girl. Haha. 

"We are here!" Logan says as he pulls up in his driveway. I glance at a red hummer parked outside.

"Whose car?" I ask as I nod to it.
"Oh, That's Matty, and a couple friends. Hope you don't mind?" He asks.

"No not at all!" I assure him as we step out of Logans car and walk into his house.
Matty was my biggest crush when I lived in London. He is Logan's best friend but I was in love with him. Well as much as a 12 year old can actually 'Love' someone, that was me. He probably thought I was annoying though just as all little sisters are. I haven't seen him since I was about 12 either. When we get inside, Matty and five other boys are laid out on the couch watching American Football. Popcorn spilled almost everywhere on the couch. They don't turn and look at us, and keep their attention to the tv. I only recognize two other boys. Johna and Maverick. I met Maverick two years ago when Kaden brought him home for Thanks Giving. Johna has been Logans friend since they were little. Just like Matty. 
"Hey Logan, Score is - Holy Kaitlynn Thomas." Matty says as he looks at us. I blush as everyone else looks at me. Mattys eyes are wide open, and Johna is sending me a super confused look.  Matty stands up and walks over to me.

"Your so big!" He says. I laugh.
"So are you!" I say. He gives me a hug. And even more handsome! I think to myself. my phone goes off. its Kaden. He said.

'Haha, your forgiven. You need to text me more often or ill just keep sounding like a bigger idiot every second.' He texted.

'You don't! But I got to go again. Sorry! talk to you asap!' I text back. I look back up at Matty and he gives me an one arm hug. Shortly after I  get a hug from Johna and Maverick. Logan introduces me to the other strangers. 

"Their names are Micheal and Jacob, and this is my sister Kaitlynn."Logan explains gesturing each of us. they chorus a 'Hey' and 'Hi' I smile and sit between Matty and Logan. 

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