Dreams do come true.

Two girls Pose as maids in the hotel which One direction is staying at.
Kaitlynn Marie Thomas, goes to visit her best friend Elliza (Liza) Jones who lives in London as she does every summer, but this time will be different for more than one reason:
1. This time Kaitlynn will be traveling on the plane by herself instead of with her mum as she usually did
2. Liza has her own apartment that she started renting two months ago that is right next to One Directions hotel.
3. As they get close to 1D will two boys fight over one girl? or three?
(I appreciate constructive critisim) so if you read any of my movellas PLEASE let me know that, if you didn't like it, why? If you did like it, why? - thanks(:


13. Complicated

Nialls P.O.V.

There is about 45 minutes until the interview starts, I might as well get a snack. I walk into the kitchen and skim through the contents when I come over some fried chicken. I heat it up in the micro wave then sit up on the counter and begin to munch on a piece when the door opens. I look up from my plate for the culprit to see Liza in the doorway. I smile a her. She. . . Makes me happy. I smile even bigger at the thought. I glance at the floor nervously and see a pool of blood on the ground. I look up more and see a piece of glass stuck in her foot. The glass came from earlier when Zayn tossed Louis a foot ball and it hit a nice glass lamp knocking it to pieces. No one bothered to clean it up though.  I wince at it and jump off the counter in alarm dropping the plate on the counter. Shit! Ouch! I hold out my arms and run towards her not knowing where my panic will take me. I knock her to the ground in return of my actions. Im such an idiot. oh my god, what is wrong with me?! She thinks im an idiot. I pick up the laundry basket in her arm and put it on the counter then pick her up bridal style. She is so light, it didn't feel wrong or uncomfortable or anything, just like it should be.  ~fast forward~   I rinse off her foot thinking, she thinks I'm stupid, why would a girl like her,like me? Just cause im famous? No, they always fall for Harry or Zayn. Maybe I'll take care of her foot and show her I won't screw this up and maybe I'll look a tiny bit responsible. I tense up. Can't screw this up, can't screw this up, I remind myself. She puts her hand on my shoulder I turn my head wondering if I hurt her more. Shes just smiling the most thankful smile. I let a little grin escape my lips and relax. I look into her eyes and our smiles disappear into a admiring look at each other. I admire her eyes a light, bright blue with a darker blue outline  her blonde hair tossed to the side. I get lost in her eyes when water pours on the ground. I smack the faucet in stopping the water. Gah I messed up! Way to go Niall she knows for a fact your a screw up now! She lets out a giggle. I look at her in amazement and smile. We both chuckle for a while.  ~Fast forward~ 

"Here you take your ankle and I'll go get some bandages." I say  handing her her foot she smiles her perfect smile.

"Okay." she replies
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