Dreams do come true.

Two girls Pose as maids in the hotel which One direction is staying at.
Kaitlynn Marie Thomas, goes to visit her best friend Elliza (Liza) Jones who lives in London as she does every summer, but this time will be different for more than one reason:
1. This time Kaitlynn will be traveling on the plane by herself instead of with her mum as she usually did
2. Liza has her own apartment that she started renting two months ago that is right next to One Directions hotel.
3. As they get close to 1D will two boys fight over one girl? or three?
(I appreciate constructive critisim) so if you read any of my movellas PLEASE let me know that, if you didn't like it, why? If you did like it, why? - thanks(:


31. Comfort

Liza's P.O.V.

Niall Kisses my neck softly, my legs in his lap and his arm around me. I grab a piece of caramel popcorn and plop it into my mouth. Niall chuckles his adorable Irish laugh at me. I look up at the Christmas movie playing on the tv.

"What's so funny?"

"You've got a little caramel on your cheek." He chuckles, admiring it. I freak out trying to wipe it off in embarrassment. He laughs again watching me miss the spot. 

"Here, let me get it." He smiles. He looks into my eyes and kisses it off the side of my mouth. He gradually moves to my mouth and when he's there, he lets his tongue slide in. I giggle against his mouth as he lays me down on the couch, in the living room (Where we are). His hand and arms supporting him from laying completely on my body. He slides one of his arms under my shirt and just above my waist. I smile against his mouth. 

"Ew. Smells like love." Louis grunts now in the room, shirtless. Niall trys to ignore him and continues  kissing me but I laugh too hard completely ruining the moment. Niall sits up with a sigh shortly after giving me an adorable smile.

"What do you want Lou?" Niall asks him with another sigh. Harry storms into the hotel and lets out a frustrated yell. 

"What's wrong mate?" Niall asks as Liam walks into the room. Wow,  nice party that's forming...

"Kaitlynn..." Harry mumbles.

"What about her?" I ask now budding into the conversation.

"You didn't." Louis says with an aggravated tone. 

"What did you do Harry?!" I ask him. He bites his knuckle not knowing what to say.

"I told the paparazzi what Paul said to. That she is a crazy fan." Harry explain quietly. We all give him the most wicked stares in response. 

"Why the hell would you do that?!" Louis asks narrowing his eyebrows.

"To protect her." Harry defends.

  "No you didn't. You did it to protect yourself." Liam mumbles.

" How would you know? It's not my fault you like her, It least she actually trusts me with my decisions and likes me! She picked me, remember?!" Harry spits at him.

"She doesn't trust you anymore, maybe i'll have to clean your mess like all the others. Except this time, i'll win the girl." Liam spits back.

"Knock it off guys!" Niall yells.standing up and walking towards them. I come from behind him and hold his hand like a little innocent girl. "You kinda screwed us over Harry. If you haven't noticed, I fancy Liza. A lot. You may be willing to lie to the world and make a fool of Kaitlynn, but we wont." Liam had already left.


Kaitlynn's P.O.V.

I'm not going to cry. I'm not a baby. Even though the entire world thinks I am just a crazy obsessed fan and, Harry doesn't care about me, I will not cry. I walk out onto the balcony and slump myself down on one of the chairs. I close my eyes feeling my heart beat slower. I close my eyes and a single tear trickles down my cheek. I ignore it, scared that if I pay it any attention, i'll smack it off my face. Liam disturbs me by joining me on the balcony. 

"He feels like total shit." Liam mumbles. Under his quick pacing breath.

"I hope." Is all I manage to get out. He sits by me and kisses the side of my head affectionately. I don't resent it. Instead I take a deep breath and lean into his comfort further. "Thanks for caring about me Liam." I whisper.

"Oh, it wasn't just me. All the boys are worried. Especially Niall and Louis." Liam protests.

"Even Zayn?" I ask surprised.

"Well, I don't know... I left before he got the news." Liam says calmly with a half  hearted smile.

"Liam, you have feelings for me, correct?" I ask him. he answers immediately,  looking straight into my eyes.


"I think I do too but-" He interrupts by kissing me for what, the third time?!

"Sorry.... I just can't hear you're but..." He whispers.

"I'm a harlot. It's official." I say giving up.

"You are only a harlot if you think of yourself that way. Don't let people's judgement stop you from taking the path that leads to happiness. Don't shy away in the bush's. If you think there is, any chance of you wanting to be with me.... Please..." Liam says with the biggest  puppy eyes, as if a tear is about to be shed. Instead it trickles down my cheek. He wipes it away giving me a tight hug. "Please Kaitlynn." His voice cracks.

"Y-yes." I say. He stands straight up lifting me in the air giving me a twirl. "But I do want you to hide me Liam. Stick with the crazy fan thing, but say we became friends or something... I don't want to turn you on one of you're best friends and screw him over." I finish. Liam agrees.


Hey guys!(: Yes, it's an authors note:) But, it's bad news... well maybe. I've been thinking, this story is kinda bad and draaaaaaaging along. I was thinking I should delete it? any maybe come back with something similar? idk.

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