The Serenade of the Lonely

Annalisa Jacobs was always wanted. By players. Nobody seemed to love her for her,so she blocked love out of her head. Although she has a ONEDirection obsession, especially Harry Styles. She is thrilled when she gets front row tickets. But at the concert, everything changes. Harry takes one look at her and falls. He loves her, but who IS she, and how long can Harry stay away from her before he breaks? Find out in The Serenade of the Lonely. MAY INCLUDE MATURE SITUATIONS SO INNOCENT READERS, I APOLOGIZE :)


1. Tickets and the Hot Heartbreaker

I anxiously tapped my pencil against my wooden desk, glancing at the clock. 2:28. Just two more minutes, Anna, two more. I thought to myself and sighed. I had to be quick. To leave before Micheal Arnold got to me. He's such a player, who wants me for sex. Never. I was broken, thrown down, and torn apart by love and I wasn't about to let the schools biggest heartbreaker into my life. For the past three weeks, he's been hovering over me, sending me love notes, flowers and what not. It's quite pathetic, actually. Guys have thrown theirselves at me since 8th grade and I never fully understood why. Suddenly, the bell rang and I shot quickly out of my seat. I trudged towards the door, and to my ugly navy blue locker. I quickly unlocked it, grabbed my oversized Aero bag, threw my stuff in and grabbed my Calculus book for upcoming exams, and slammed my locker back shut. I began walking and jumped a foot in the air when someone grabbed my shoulder from behind. I angrily whirled around. It was Micheal. Greaattt. "Micheal!" I hissed, my voice full of acid. "What. Is. You're. PROBLEM?!" He shrugged his tanned shoulders and grinned his flashy, cocky grin. "I dunno, guess you were just lucky enough to catch my eye." He flirtaciously winked at me. I gave him a disgusted look. "Ugh, Micheal, look, why don't you just nail somebody as horny as you?" I asked warily and he laughed. "Playing hard to get, Annalisa? If you wanted me so bad, you could've just asked." He ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair. "Uhm, no." I said and started to turn back around. He just grabbed my shoulder again and turned me back around. "F off Micheal!" I shouted in his face and ran away. I ignored all the stares I was getting and was able to hold my tears in until I got outside. I let them fall, ruining my makeup without a care, pissed. Pissed with Micheal, pissed with love, pissed with myself. Why couldn't I just let someone into my life? I have actually. One Direction. I am a huge directioner! In love with them all, but mostly Harry. And niall is a very very close second. I stopped crying and began walking down the street, the midsummer breeze warming my skin. I pulled my iPod out of ny bag and put my earbuds in. Instantly, I began blasting What Makes You Beautiful. I silently sang along and began my half an hour walk home. I reached in my purse and pulled out my iPhone 3. 15 New messages...from Mom? I read them all, each of them about a surprise. Ugh my mother, she knows I hate surprises.
>I have a surprise for u sweetheart!!! :) hope ya had a gr8 day xx luv u loads!
I smiled and turned onto my street. I live on one of those two story house streets, average houses, but not rich. I quickly jogged up my driveway and into the house. "I'm home!!!" I shouted, and walked into the kitchen. "Mom? Dad?" They both sat at the table, grinning at me. I began to get slightly scared. "Wh-what's going on?" I asked, slowly approaching them." My mom looked at my dad and sighed. "Alright I can't take it....YOU'RE GOING TO ENGLAND!" My mouth dropped open and I stared in shock. "Ar-are you serious?!?!" I shrieked happily, jumping up and down squealing. "100%" My father said chuckling. "Your cousin, Skylar literally begged us! She didn't want to go to it alone..." I scrunched my face up in confusion. "Where?" My parents beamed. "Nowhere really, just shopping, lounging, and going to a One Direction concert." my mother said casually. It clicked into my mind of what she just said. "DID YOU JUST SAY I AM GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION?" I asked, fangirling. "Yes, we did honey." My mother said smiling at me. "You have worked so hard on your studies and we are proud of you, so you get to spend two months in England. Unfortunatly, you'll have to rent your own apartment because Skylar has absolutly no room in hers." My father said laughing. Oh. My. God. My father is letting me get my own apartment, excuse me, flat, in another country. I have no words. "Wheb do I leave?" I asked, grinning from ear to ear. "Tomorrow at 8:30 p.m." My mom replied and pecked my cheek. "We packed for you darling." my dad said, standing up. "Oh my gosh, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you!" I said embracing them in a tight hug. I was a family child, that's for sure. But I didn't mind. I would soon no longer have any rules. I'd be Miss Independent. England, meet Annalisa Jacobs!
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