The Serenade of the Lonely

Annalisa Jacobs was always wanted. By players. Nobody seemed to love her for her,so she blocked love out of her head. Although she has a ONEDirection obsession, especially Harry Styles. She is thrilled when she gets front row tickets. But at the concert, everything changes. Harry takes one look at her and falls. He loves her, but who IS she, and how long can Harry stay away from her before he breaks? Find out in The Serenade of the Lonely. MAY INCLUDE MATURE SITUATIONS SO INNOCENT READERS, I APOLOGIZE :)


3. The Arrival/ Enters Harry's POV

~Annalisa~ "ANNA!!!" My cousin, Skylar greeted me with a huge hug at the airport. "Hey!" I exclaimed, studying her. "Stilettos? Now wonder why you seemed taller!" I remarked, referring to her neon pink shoes. "Oh, these? Haha, quite a long story cuz.." she flashed me a smile and helped me with my luggage. "So, we are going to see One Direction?" I asked, concerned. She looked at me like I had asked a stupid question. "Of course we are! I'd die if I couldn't see Zayn's pure sexiness!" she cried out and laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Sky, I think you are more obsessed than ME. And that's saying something!" I admitted and she snorted. "I am so obsessed it's flacking dangerous!" She dramatically put a hand over her heart. "No, I think it's just you in general." I joked and she pretended to be offended. "Rude!" "Truth hurts." I said, looking at the ground. She began to perk up. "You know the concert is tonight right?" I jerked my head upward quicky. "WHAT?" I-I won't have enough time to unpack or anything!" I protested worriedly. "Don't worry, jeez! Just take your stuff to my flat, we can both get ready there, and then just go to the concert. No biggie." she shrugged her shoulders. I sighed in relief. "Okay." ~Harry's POV~ "Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip yourhair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to don't know ahh oh, you don't know your beautiful!" I sang to outloud to absolutly nobody. I stood on the stage where in just a little over an hour I'd be performing in front of thousands of fans...I'm always a tad bit nervous but...YOLO. We have played everywhere, and I have still been unable to find...her. My perfect girl. The one who can make my knees go weak, who gives me butterflies with just a touch, who makes a smile form on my face whenever she is mentioned. I've always loved to serenade girls, but so far, I can't find her. The girl I can serenade, even if I don't know her name. "Harry!" My thoughts were interrupted by Louis. "Yeah Boobear?" He laughed. "C'mon! We gotta get ready.." He exclaimed hyperly and I rolled my eyes as I followed him. That boy, I swear, he's always so hyper. I took one last look at the stage. Tonight, I'd search my heart out if I had to. I had to find her....

~Annalisa's POV~ Skylar's flat was really small, I was extremely thankful that I didn't have to share it with her, for the fact that I'm kind of claustrophobic. "Well, you can put your stuff on the couch and we can just look around for empty, cheap apartments later Anna." she said, out of breath. "Ugh," I moaned, "honestly Sky, how do you live in a place" I asked, panting. She cracked up. "I can manage. Until I get a steady job that is.." She jumped of the couch and clapped her hands together. "Okay, uhm did you bring anything decent clotheswise?" she asked, smiling. "Abercrombie and Fitch count?" I asked, knowing that it was my favorite brand. "That'll do! Besides, Harry lovvesssssss Abercrombie and Fitch." she sang, winking at me. "How'd you know I liked Harry the most?" I asked, surprised. "I've seen pics of your room, cuz, it's a Styles paradise." She smirked and winked at me again. "You will probably get noticed by him..." she continued. I rolled my eyes and lightly slapped her shoulder. "What makes you say that?" I asked curiously. "Oh come ON! You are gorgeous and based on his bio, everything he wants in a girl. How could he NOT notice you? I'm totally jelly!" She squealed, motioning to my wavy brown hair and emerald green eyes. "But he likes BLUE eyes on a girl!" I protested, showing my inner directioner. "Whatever, you'll be noticed by SOMEBODY. You're too pretty not to be." she stated simply and shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, you win, now can we get ready?" I whined impatiently. I didn't want to be late, but to be honest, I had the smallest feeling of hope that Skylar was right about Harry. No. No Anna, you can't fall for a flirty superstar. Keep it together. I sighed and pulled out a pink Abercrombie shirt and faded short shorts. "Here." Skylar said handing me her pink stilletos. "Why?" I asked, taking them. "They will totally make your outfit pop. And taller. As if you need it." She mused. "I'm only 5'6" darling, that's not tall, that's average." I tried but she glared. "Yeah, and I'm 5'3" so shut up!" Skylar snapped jokingly. "I'm sorry Sky." I said, holding in my laughter. "You better be!" We laughed and joked the rest of the time, doing each others makeup and me talking about school as she destroyed her room searching for the perfect outfit. "Okay, voila! What do you think?" she asked, showing herself. She was wearing a baby blue ruffled blouse, dark wash skinny jeans that enhanced her natural curves, and a pair of pointed black boots. "Wow." That's all I could manage. She looked absolutly dazzling with her naturally straight red hair that reached past her shoulders curled, and her hazel eyes shining. "I KNOW RIGHT?!?!" she exclaimed happily. I chuckled and stood up, not even bothering to look at myself in the mirror. "Now can we LEAVE? I really want to get there early." I protested and she grinned. "Fine, I'll call my driver." she said sarcastically. "Sure sure, now let's GOOO!" I shoved her out the door and we began our way to the concert, me feeling slightly light headed. As we waved down a taxi, I looked up at the stars and checked my phone. 10:50. The concert starts at 11:30. We had plenty of time. I looked at the 5 smiling faces of One Direction and stopped at Harry's. Butterflies filled my stomach and I felt my cheeks go red. Woah. What was wrong with me? No. I couldn't be falling for him, I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't be when I turned 14. But that was three years ago. I'm seventeen now. I had to block him out, but a large part of me didn't want to. Ugh! I was so confused. I didn't exactly want to fall for one of the biggest stars out there but for some reason, I felt a warmth fill me when I looked at her flawless face. "Ohhhh, make a wish! It's 11:11!" Skylar cried and I looked up. "You don't actually believe in that rubbish, do you?" I asked, trying to use an English word. "OF COURSE I DO!" she cried and closed her eyes. "Done!" she chirped and turned to me. "Hurry." she said and I closed my eyes. "I wish....for someone who can make me change my mind about love, and love me for me." I whispered to myself. I opened my eyes. "There. Presto! Nothing happened." I said slightly annoyed. "It will." Skylar sang. "Give it time, Anna. Magic has its ways of working when you least expected, so expect the unexpected." "What's THAT supposed to mean?" I wondered aloud. Skylar just gave me a small smile and opened the door. "Forget about it for now, Anna, it's concert time!" Expect the unexpected. Hmm. Maybe magic is real. But I can't find out until it decides it's time. One question. How can I love if I'm so afraid to fall? And if I am in love, who was able to break down my wall?

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