The Serenade of the Lonely

Annalisa Jacobs was always wanted. By players. Nobody seemed to love her for her,so she blocked love out of her head. Although she has a ONEDirection obsession, especially Harry Styles. She is thrilled when she gets front row tickets. But at the concert, everything changes. Harry takes one look at her and falls. He loves her, but who IS she, and how long can Harry stay away from her before he breaks? Find out in The Serenade of the Lonely. MAY INCLUDE MATURE SITUATIONS SO INNOCENT READERS, I APOLOGIZE :)


6. Strikes and Fights

~Annalisa's POV~ Since Harry's hotel was across the street, I decided to surprise him by goig to the hotel early. I put on a beanie, a plaid shirt with pink undershirt, skinny jeans, and grey UGG boots. I dusted on eyeshadow and blush, then put of powder and concealer. People say I have a naturally pretty face but I just don't believe them... "Sky, I'm going out... Zayn will pick you up in a couple hours." I hollered as I ran out the door. I could hear her screaming inside. I cracked up and went down the elevator. Somehow, I managed to stay overnight in Skylar's cramped flat, but it felt great getting fresh air. I quickly walked outside and crossed the road eagerly, for some reason, I just wanted to see him. And we weren't even together! As I entered the lobby, I relaxed a bit as I heard a familiar Irish voice. "Yeah, I came down here for an extra key, I tend to lose mine." Niall innocently shrugged and I surpressed my laughter. "Hey Niall!" I exclaimed happily as I approached him. He whirled around, grinning. "Anna! What are you doing here? We were supposed to come pick you up in a few hours!" I laughed. "I missed you guys.. meaning you and Harry since we were the only ones who came in contact." Niall shurgged his shoulders. "You are welcome to isit anytime! We are here for 3 weeks." "Oh really? Maybe I could-" I stopped myself. I was not going to take advantage of Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction by asking to stay with them for a while. "maybe you could what?" Niall asked, casually putting his arm around my shoulder. "Nevermind." I replied and we both began walking. "N-Niall, I have to ask you something." I whispered as the elevator doors closed. "Yeah? Ask me anything." He looked at me with genuine concern. "D-do you believe in love at first sight?" Niall looked taken aback by this. "uhm... yeah, sure, I guess." He muttered looking at his feet. "Is there something wrong Niall?" I asked, noticing his sudden behavior change. "Nope, just peachy." He said, cracking a smile. Also lying through his teeth. I decided to let it go and be excited to meet the rest of the boys. After all, what could happen?

         Niall took out his new key and unlocked the door. I began to feel slightly nervous. He turned to me offering a small smile. "Don't be nervous babes, the boys will love you! What's not to like about you?" I shrugged and returned a sheepish grin. "I dunno. I guess I worry too much about what people think.." Then we walked inside. Louis and Liam were on their DS's shouting at each other, angrily and unseriously. "WHAT THE HELL LIAM? THAT'S CHEATING!" Louis hollered. Liam glared at him. "NO, YOU'RE cheating, but doing a very bad job at it." Liam sneered. Louis growled. "It. Is. ON!" Niall and I were struggling to hold in our fit of giggles. We both silently cracked up and put our hands over each others mouths. "HARRY STYLES, WHERE IS MY HAIRSPRAY?? OH GOSH I CAN'T FIND IT!" Zayn. Niall rolled his eyes. Harry laughed from the other room. "Why are you asking me?" Zayn walked halfway across the room, then stopped and turned. He looked at Niall and then to me. "Umm...hi?" He said confused as he changed direction and walked towards us. I blushed and looked down. "Nialler, who's she?" Zayn asked, amused as he looked me up and down. "This is Annalisa, you know, the one Harry would'nt hush up about?" Zayn's eyes widened beside me. "Woah...Harry really knows how to pick a girl, but echm, Niall...why are YOU with her and not HARRY?" He raised his eyebrows and Niall suddenly starting blushing. "Oh, she was coming up here to surprise us and I had gone to the lobby to get a spare key in case I lost mine and well, I recognized her because I had talked to her after the concert and gave her Harry's number and so I brought her up here for a while...if that's cool with you...I'm sure Harry won't mind." Niall added at the end, turning his gaze to the kitchen. "I definetly don't mind..." Zayn replied, smirking at me. "Wow, you really ARE the Bradford Bad Boi." I said rolling my eyes. He cracked up and winked at me. "I'd like to think of myself as a sexy, good haired rebel.." He claimed jokingly. "Are you hungry?" He asked me. Niall perked up. "YES!" Zayn looked at him warily. "I was talking about Anna." Niall became glum. "Oh. Well screw this! I'm going to make Harry make me food anyway!" He grabbed my wrist. "C'mon Anna!" he said happily and led me into the kitchen. Harry had his back to us as he put away the dishes. "Ugh, Niall, I am NOT going to make you more food." He said, apparently noticing our entry. "But we have a guest!" he whined. Harry laughed. "Liam doesn't count as a "guest" Niall, you've already tried that already." I decided now was the time to interrupt. "Wait, so you can't make pancakes?" I pouted. Harry dropped a pan back into the drainer and whirled around quickly. "Anna?" He looked legitly shocked. "Hiya.." I grinned shyly and waved. He began beaming and came over and wrapped me in a huge hug. "What are you doing here?!" He asked excitedly, his gorgeous green eyes shining like the stars and his facial features soft and inviting. "I was forced to stay at Skylar's apart- I mean flat," I corrected myself quickly, "and well, it's small...and I'm claustrophobic so I got up early and needed fresh air. But I had nowhere to go so I decided to come here and surprise you." "Really?" Harry asked, trying to hide his smile. "Yep. I have to go search for a place to stay after this because I don't think I could manage staying with Skylar another just wouldn't work." Harry thought for a moment, taking in all of this new information. "You can stay with us." He took the question and solution I deeply wanted right out of my head. "Oh, Harry, I couldn't, I wouldn't want to just barge in and take advantage of you guys though, I'm not exactly easy to live with." I let the truth pour out. Harry just shrugged it away. "Niall likes you though, I like you, Zayn well, yeah he probably likes you...Liam and Louis will love you! The only thing is though that you'd have to share a room with somebody." This is what I was afraid of. But I didn't want to get a flat. I wanted to save my money so I can go shopping and spend time with Harry and Niall! Harry...he's the reason why I'm even here. And he's the reason I'm 100% sure I'm falling in love...


~Harry's POV~

  "HARRY STYLES, WHERE IS MY HAIRSPRAY? OH GOSH I CAN'T FIND IT!" Zayn complained to me from the other room. I laughed as I put more dishes in the sink. "Why are you asking me?" I replied innocently. Zayn huffed. I could hear Liam and Louis screaming and cursing each other out over Pokemon in the other room. I considering going in there and kicking both of their asses to shut them up, but I held back. I could hear Niall enter the kitchen. He probably wanted me to make him food....again. "Ugh, Niall, I am not going to make you food again!" I snapped and lifted up a pan. "But we have a guest!" It was most likely Liam. "Liam doesn't count as a guest Niall, you've tried that one already." I pointed it out, recalling the memory. "Wait so you can't make pancakes?" I heard a honey sweet American accent ask. I dropped the pan in shock and quickly turned around. It was her. From the concert. Annalisa was here. I broke into a huge grin. "Anna?" I exclaimed, using the nickname the boys and I had given her. "Hiya.." she said sweetly and shyly. I didn't hold back. I walked over to her and wrapped her in a huge hug. "What are you doing here?!" I asked, still slightly in shock to finding her in the hotel room. She explained about her problem with money and staying at Skylar's flat, she almost said apartment again, which made her sound ten times cuter the way she corrected herself midword. The idea flashed in my mind and I was happy to say it. "You can stay with us." I said. I had to speak slower, making sure that I said can and not will. I have a tendency to mess up what I say with what I think... a lot. My crush for this girl was growing everytime I thought of her, and now she's here, to surprise me in my hotel. She was the one I had been waiting for all along. "Well, well, well...who might this be?" Louis walked into the kitchen, staring at Anna. She smiled at him and cautiously looked around. "Uhm..hi, I'm Annalisa. But you can call me Anna." I felt kind of bad, she must be so nervous. She looked like one of those gorgeous, sweet girls that were fun and bubbly but also shy and cared deeply about what people thought of her. "HI ANNA! IT'S NICE TO FINALLY SEE YOU AND NOT HEAR HARRY ENDLESSLY GO ON ABOUT YOU!!!" he exclaimed, shaking her hand. She cracked up and Niall chuckled, amused. "Harry going on about Ann-?" Liam stopped midsentence and stared at me. "Are you Anna?" he asked. She politely nodded, putting a tiny smile on her face and looking at the floor. Liam looked at me and I flashed him a dangerous glare. "Nice to meet you, love." he said sweetly and gave her a hug. "Are you going to stay with us or what?" Niall asked, literally almost bouncing in his seat. Oh. No. He. Didn't. He does though. It was obvious. Niall was upset after the concert. Now he's fine that Anna is here. He likes her. And I just got her. I wasn't going to let Niall take the girl who was obviously mine. "Stay? YOU'RE GOING TO STAY WITH US?" Louis shrieked. Anna looked worried. "SAY YES, SAY YES, SAY YES! WE'LL HAVE SOOOO MUCH FUN! IT'LL BE LIKE A SLUMBER PARTY!" he gushed, looking like a happy puppy dog. "If I say yes will you stop screaming in my ear?" Anna joked, laughing. "YES!" Niall, Liam, and Louis shouted. "Okay, then yes." All of the boys, including me began whooping and hollering. Anna laughed. "You guys...are nuts." she said in between laughs. "You'll get used to it." Niall shrugged, looking at me. I turned away quickly. If he even tried to take her...I'd have to get defensive. And I definetly wasn't afraid to fight for a girl. Even if he was one of my best mates...


~Niall's POV~

  I turned to look at Harry who looked away. The first thought that ran through my mind was, he probably didn't know I was looking at him. Then it clicked. Oh shit. He knows I like Anna. And I know Harry very well. He wasn't afraid to fight for what he wanted. I pretend to not notice and just started being happy again. "You can share a room with Harry." I said. It pained me to say that, but if it gave Harry a slight idea that I didn't like her, I would. I don't want one of my best mates angry at me...or a broken nose.


~Anna's POV~

 By the time we had all moved my stuff in the hotel, it was already time to go bowling. We all snuck out the back entrance to the boys' driver, to avoid all of the fans. I was still shocked that I was hanging out with One Direction...absolutly shocked. Harry and Niall were sat on either side of me, I mainly talked to Harry about my life in America. I left out the part about...the carnival. I would never go to another one again. It had all seemed like a dream, too surreal. I was 13, and on a date with this guy...I caught him kissing another girl and I had run away...right into the arms of...I stopped my thoughts right there. I didn't want to cry in front of Harry for two reasons. One. It was just plain embarrassing. Two. I'd have to explain to him why...why I was no longer a virgin. "Anna? Are you okay love?" He asked, putting a strand of my hair behind my ear. I blushed. I always loved when people did that. "Yeah, I'm fine...just a little spacy." I said shrugging. He looked at me disbelieving. "Okay." "Enough about me, I'd like to know stuff about you too." I said smiling, trying to change the subject before he confronted me of lying. "Oh...uhm...okay?" I looked at him worriedly. Did I say something wrong? "D-did I bring up a touchy subject or something, if so I am so sor-" he cut me off. "No Anna!" He chuckled. "It's just, all of the girls I know didn't exactly care about my least that much at first. They'd always ask me something like, "what's it like to be famous?" Im glad I finally got a different question." He admitted and grinned at me. "Really? Okay, I'm sorry...I worry a lot.." I said and shrugged my shoulders. "It's fine, I find it attractive." he said, winking at me. I just stared at this boy in amazement. For three years, I had vowed to never love again. And here I am, with the famous Harry Styles, and I am head over heels. And the best part, he felt the same way too...

                        -30 minutes later- (still Anna's POV)

 "STRIKE!" I grinned, and squealed, hopping up and down like a happy child. "You are something, Anna." Harry mused, chuckling. "Yeah, a natural at bowling!" I flirtaciously poked his shoulder. He cracked up. Niall sat at the bar, drinking a frozen lemonade. "Is he okay? He seems upset." I frowned, referring to Niall. Harry just shrugged. "I dunno...he'll get over it, Niall is good at doing that." Louis, Liam, and Zayn had a lane next to us, Niall had refused to play. " closely to the REAL bowling natural." Harry boasted and grabbed a bowling ball. I snorted. "Natural. Okkayyy let's see what you got Styles." I watched, amused as he wiggled his butt, cracked his neck, and bowled. "!" He hollered jumping up and down. "Strike. Looks like we are tied Jacobs." He grinned, our faces inches apart. "Not for looong!" I sang, and bowled. I bowled three more strikes after that and a couple of spares. Harry still beat me. "Aww..." I stuck out my lower lip and pretended to pout. "I'm still better than just got lucky." I said, trying not to crack a smile. Harry evilly grinned at me. "What?" Suddenly, he tackled me, bringing me softly the floor. He began tickling me. I started having a laughing fit, squirming underneath him. "S-stop it!" I shrieked, trying to push him off. "Nope, I don't think I can do that." He grinned and tickled me even harder. "Harry!" I squealed, tears forming in my eyes from laughing. "Okay, let's make a deal...I'll stop tickling if you say this..."Oh Harry, you are the sexiest, curliest, best bowler ever." He said, trying to imitate a girl voice. "I will NOT surrender!" I said smugly as he began tickling me again. "Okay, okay! HARRYYOUARETHESEXIESTCURLIESTBESTBOWLEREVER!" I screamed shrilly. He stopped, and grinned. "Thank you." He started to get up, but I knew what I needed to do, even if I didn't want to. "Wait." I said, stopping him. "What?" He asked, leaning back down over me. "I...I wanna try something." I cradled his chin and pulled him close to me. And then his lips were on mine. Sparks flew through my body, like they never have before. Our lips moved in sync with each other, as we deepened the kiss, I felt my last wall crumble. We broke apart, out of breath, grinning. "What did I just witness?!" Zayn asked, disgusted but shocked. "Erm..." Harry looked at me, I was still beneath him and he got up. "Nothing?" he tried, but Zayn wasn't buying it. Liam and Louis were also staring at us, their jaws to the ground. "HARRY! You can't bang a girl in public!" Louis said, hiding his grin. Liam began laughing. Zayn rolled his eyes. I got up and brushed off my shirt. "We weren't "banging" each other idiot, we were just kissing." I giggled, slapping Louis on the arm. "Ohkay...." he wiggled his eyebrows. "I'm going to get a drink.." I said finally, and walked towards the juice bar. Niall sat alone, facing the wall. I ordered a Pina' Colada and approached Niall. His head was buried in his hands. "Nialler? What's wrong?" I whispered softly, putting my arm around his shoulder. I heard him sniffle and I tensed up. Niall was crying. What was I supposed to do?! I wasn't used to seeing a guy cry, especially a famous boy. "G-go away Anna!" he muttered, wiping his eyes. "No, Niall you're my friend! I'm not going to leave until you tell me what's wrong." I gently said rubbing circles on the small of his back. "No, Annalisa, we aren't friends. I don't really even KNOW you, but i had my eye on you first!" He shouted, clenching his fists. I felt as though he had punched me in the gut. "What the hell is your problem?! YOU came up to me first, YOU wanted me to live with you, and now you're saying we aren't friends?!" I choked back my tears. Guys, even if I was just friends with them, they liked me, and that made them change the way they acted. One moment, I was their best friend, the next, they were spreading rumors and yelling at me. One of so called guy friends hit me. This was all too familiar. All of the pain, being brought back...this is the reason I had walls. "NO ANNA, ONE MOMENT YOU AND HARRY WERE JUST FRIENDS NOW YOU HARE HAVING MAKEOUT SESSIONS ON THE F*ING FLOOR WHEN I AM THE ONE THAT SHOULD HAVE YOU, NOT HARRY, ME." His face was red from anger and tears. I let my tears fall as well. "You are being such an ass Niall, if you liked me so much, why didn't you tell me?" My voice was cracking. "What are those on your wrist?" He asked, picking up my thin wrists. "None of your business Niall." I hissed. His eyes widened. "Y-you cut yourself?" I nodded weakly, still crying. "Yeah, because of guys who act like YOU." I stood up and walked away. Harry was sitting on a bench, Liam, Lou, and Zayn were in the arcade. "Hey, it's about time you got ba-" He stopped when he say I was crying. He stood up and ran over to me, embracing me in a hug. "What happened babe? What's wrong?" he whispered, rubbing my back as I cried into his polo. "N-Niall..." I moaned and he got tense. "I'll be back, Anna." My eyes widened. "Where are you going?" Harry just shook his head. "I'll be back soon.... I have to fix something." He turned and walked in the direction Niall was. Dammit. They're going to hurt each other! I lay down on he floor and cried, my old memories coming back to me....

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