The Serenade of the Lonely

Annalisa Jacobs was always wanted. By players. Nobody seemed to love her for her,so she blocked love out of her head. Although she has a ONEDirection obsession, especially Harry Styles. She is thrilled when she gets front row tickets. But at the concert, everything changes. Harry takes one look at her and falls. He loves her, but who IS she, and how long can Harry stay away from her before he breaks? Find out in The Serenade of the Lonely. MAY INCLUDE MATURE SITUATIONS SO INNOCENT READERS, I APOLOGIZE :)


8. Second Serenade/ The Promise

~Harry's POV~

  I don't think I had ever been more angry at someone in my entire life. Seeing Anna like that, it killed me. Then, seeing Niall acting all depressed and upset made me lose it. I couldn't stop, once I had tackled him to the floor, I began letting all the anger I had in me explode. I felt bad afterward, but I was just so mad. Now, Niall and I aren't even looking at each other. Anna was in the kitchen with Liam, reading the ingredients to make pasta. "Anna, I give up.." Liam smiled. "Let's just order out." Anna pursed her lips, thinking. "Fine...I'm starving so I don't really care..what's a good restaurant around here? Or are we ordering room service?" "We can go to Nandos. Niall loves Nandos." Anna smiled. "You can choose, I honestly don't mind, as long as it's not Chinese." Liam chuckled. "Nandos it is, you go and get Harry and I'll retrieve the others." Liam walked out of the kitchen. I entered and wrapped my arms around Anna's waist. "Hey, I was just about to go and look for you." She said, smiling. I kissed her cheek. "So I heard...are you going to get ready?" "Oh, yeah, I guess...Harry?" she questioned, looking at me. "Hmm?" "Come with me? I don't want to be alone..." I followed her into our room, where her stuff was spread all over the far side of the wall. I pretended to study a magazine. She had her back to me, and began talking to me as she pulled her top off. "How are you and Niall, Harry? I know it just happened earlier, but I just wanted to know." She turned her head to face me, her back still to me. "You don't have to hide yourself babe, I've seen it all before...and we aren't speaking." I added about Niall. She considered this, taking in all of the information before turning around. She leaned down to pick up a black and white striped blouse. "Oh...I wish this never happened. Harry, I feel so bad." She pulled her top on and took down her hair that fell in waves. "Don't was Niall's fault. Don't feel bad." I felt sympathy towards her. She had told me some about her past, it sounded like she was alone all the time. I was here now though, I wasn't going to let anyone hurt her. She was mine...and I didn't like to share with anybody. Anna began pulling out her makeup bag but I stopped her. "Please don't, you are beautiful without it, love." She looked kind of upset, but listened to me and put it back up. I felt satisfied, happy that she listened to me. "Thanks..." She forced a smile at me. "I'm only listening though because I love you, and we are just going out to eat." she reminded me and I chuckled. "But you don't believe me when I say you're beautiful." "Nope." She replied, popping the "p". I sighed. "I love you more than anything in this world." I pulled her gently into a hug. She rested her head on my shoulder. "Even more than cats?" her voice was muffled because her head was buried in my shoulder but I can hear her voice shaking with laughter. "Haha yes, even more than cats. And that is a lot, I'd like to add." I mused. She pressed her lips against my neck, causing me to shiver. "I'm going to return your favor tonight." she whispered and I scrunched my eyebrows together. "What favor?" She looked up at me, and realized how I took it. She began laughing. "N-no, I mean, you serenaded me, I'm going to return that favor..." Anna got up and pulled out a large, black case. "What's in there?" "My guitar....I learned how to play as a kid, and I learned a song that I really liked on here so I'm going to serenade you, although my voice doesn't sound great at all...." her voice trailed off. "Go ahead love, I'm listening." She began tuning her guitar, looking at it full of love and passion. Kind of like Niall and his music. When she finally got satisfied, she sat down on the edge of the bed and began strumming to an unfamiliar song. "Heart beats fast, colors and promises, how to be brave, how can I love when I'm afraid to fall, but watching you stand alone, all of my doubt, suddenly goes away step closer...." she looked up at me and grinned. "I have died everyday waiting for you, darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more..." she strummed a little harder, her voice angelic. How could she say that she couldn't sing? I thought surprised. She was amazing! "Time stands still, beauty in all she is, I will be brave, I will not let anything take away, what's standing in front of me, every breath, every hour has come to step closer...I have died everyday waiting for you, darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more...and all along I believed I would find you, time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more..." she began her sweet and soft guitar solo and I peeked out of the corner of my eye to find the other boys watching in utter astonishment as she began to gently sing again. "One step, step clooooser..." She tilted my chin up and whisper sang, "I have died everyday, waiting for you, darling don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand moreee..." she began strumming along on her guitar again. "And all along I believed I would find you, time has brought your heart to me and I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more..." she finished off with a beautiful note. I didn't even notice I was crying until she stuck out her thumb and wiped away the tears. Her touch brought tingles down my body. "Every word I just sang was true Harry." she began stroking my curls, playfully. I grinned as she giggled like a satisfied child. "Louis was right, your curls are fun to play around with!" She mused and laughed. I quickly pecked her on the lips and took her hand. "Wow, Anna, you can really sing...and play the guitar!" Anna looked up, her cheeks flushing as she realized the other boys were in our presence. "T-thanks.." she stammered and forced a smile. Niall stood behind the other boys and turned and walked away. "So are we ready?" Louis asked, changing the subject. "Yeah!" She jumped off the bed, cradling her guitar in her free hand. "I'm like, about to die of starvation." she complained as she pulled me along and out the hotel door. I had no idea how I had gotten so lucky, so quickly. But I was glad that I did.


~Anna's POV~

  I ordered the peri peri chicken, just like Niall and scarfed it down in just minutes. Zayn looked at me, surprised. "Gosh Anna, do you ever eat or do you just starve in America?" I rolled my eyes. "I haven't eaten all day and I was hungry..problem?" Zayn looked slightly shocked. "Nope, I've just never seen a girl eat so fast." "Mmm.." "You really do have a nice voice, Anna, and great guitar skills." Niall said, looking at me for the 1st time since the bowling alley. "Thanks. My grandfather taught me when I was 4." "That's interesting." Niall said, staring off into space. I haven't even been here with the boys a full night, and everyone was already acting awkward...I felt slightly homesick, and tired.

 We rode back to the hotel in total silence, me resting my head on Harry's shoulder while Liam desperatly tried to braid my hair. He failed...big time. By the time we had reached the hotel, Niall was half asleep, Zayn passed out on the floor. "Zaynnnn...Zaynie waynieeee!" Louis cooed. "GET UP!" he shouted in his ear. Zayn cursed under his breath as he grumpily got up. "Whatever. I'm going in and going to bed." "Same." Niall agreed, equally as moody. Louis and Liam rolled their eyes. "Grumpy much?" I asked them and Zayn cracked a smile. "I don't like being woken up. I don't know what Niall's problem is though." he pointed to Niall who just hopped out of the Hummer. "I do." I said glumly and followed him. "Do you want to go to bed or stay up with Liam and Louis?" "Whatever you're doing." I mumbled sleepily. He picked me up and carried me to his hotel room bridal style. "You're tired. We're going to bed." Harry stated, poking my nose. I smiled, drowsily. "Thank you.."

  I pulled the duvet higher up on me as Harry climbed into bed beside me. "Anna?" he whispered, as I scooted closer to him, needing body heat. "Hmm?" "I-I need you to promise me something." He said, his voice slightly cracking." "That depends. What am I promising?" I worded it carefully. His lips trembled in the dark. "Promise me you won't ever hurt yourself again..." I could already tell he was crying. "I promise." I said gently and wrapped myself around him, falling asleep with my head resting on the crook of his neck as he hummed the song, 'Moments' quietly in my ear.


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