The Serenade of the Lonely

Annalisa Jacobs was always wanted. By players. Nobody seemed to love her for her,so she blocked love out of her head. Although she has a ONEDirection obsession, especially Harry Styles. She is thrilled when she gets front row tickets. But at the concert, everything changes. Harry takes one look at her and falls. He loves her, but who IS she, and how long can Harry stay away from her before he breaks? Find out in The Serenade of the Lonely. MAY INCLUDE MATURE SITUATIONS SO INNOCENT READERS, I APOLOGIZE :)


5. Coincidences and Fate

~Annalisa's POV~

       The concert was going amazing! I sang along silently, studying Harry, getting butterflies everytime he sang. Finally What Makes You Beautiful came on and I began smiling. It was almost Harry's huge solo when suddenly he caught me watching him. He smiled cheekily, I smiled shyly back. Suddenly, a hand lifted my chin up and I found myself lost in the too familar pair of gorgeous green eyes. Harry. He grinned and sang his solo to me. This was so NOT happening! My heart stopped beating, I was mesmerized by his voice, lost in his stare. After he finished his solo, he just stood there smiling at me, satisfied. I felt like screaming, but I know he doesn't like when girls fangirl like that, so I managed to hold it in. As Skylar and I left the concert, she wouldn't stop screaming. "OH MY GOD HE SANG TO YOU, OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!" "Shhh!" I hissed, "Keep it down, people are staring." She grinned even wider. "HEY!" A familar voice called. Niall Horan was running me down. He stopped in front of me, panting, and breathing heavily. "Niall! OH MY GOD YOU ARE NIALL HORAN! I'M A HUGGGE FAN!" Skylar gushed, shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you babes!" he chirped happily. He put his gaze on me. "Oh, sorry, I'm Annalisa, and this is my cousin Skylar." I gestured to my silently fangirling cousin and grinned. "Hi Annalisa!" he exclaimed, smiling. "I just wanted to say, thanks." I was puzzled now. "For...what?" Niall laughed and touched my cheek. "For making Harry happy. He won't stop thinking about you. He likes you you mind if I call you that?" I was deeply surprised. "N-no, not at all, and my pleasure." I said, offering a tiny smile. "Do you mind if I get your number? For Harry, that is, and I'll give you his." I tried to speak but nothing came out. I nodded, and handed him my phone. He quickly began tapping away and after a few moments, handed it back. "Kay, thank you Anna! I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing you soon.." He said with a devious smile that gave me a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. He turned and jogged away and I stood there staring, motionless. Skylar began jumping up and down and screaming. "HE GAVE YOU HARRY STYLES'S NUMBER OH MY GOD AND HE LIKES YOU SEE, I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU! IT'S MAGIC! THAT'S SO NOT A COINCIDENCE, THAT'S FATE ANNA, THAT IS FATE SPEAKING RIGHT TO YOU AND DON'T DENY IT, BECAUSE A SUPERSTAR IS IN LOVE WITH YOU OHHHH MYYYY GOD!" I put my hand over her mouth. "Skylar, please just be quiet, just for a minute okay?" I asked as I hailed a taxi. As we began the ride back to Skylar's I began endlessly thinking. I replayed that moment, where we were in full eye contact, where I forgot everyone else was there, when I couldn't stop smiling and neither could he. Then I thought about my wish. Was it a coincidence? Or was my crazy cousin right? Is this fate?


~Niall's POV~

I admit, I am totally jealous of Harry. That girl, she was flawless. She didn't fangirl, she was sweet, and single. The thing was though, I waved her away. I had my eye on her since Stole My Heart, but whatever. Harry always gets the girls. I could try and let her go, but the way she smiled at me, the calm way she spoke to me, she made me feel so...normal. And I liked that feeling. But I couldn't tell Harry, I couldn't. My story would be that I went to go find her and retrieve her number for Harry. But to be honest, I went after her because I kind of like her. Annalisa. Her name was so beautiful, so peaceful, so serene. And I normally don't feel this way, but I was pretty sure I had found my princess. But she likes Harry. Harry likes her. Harry is going to get her. It happens the same way every time. I may not have my princess yet, but I will never give up. Even if Annalisa isn't mine, I wouldn't give up my search. There was one problem though. I didn't think I could get over her that quickly. After all, healing takes time, especially if it's your heart that needs healing...

    I re-entered the room, forcing a smile on my lips. "Nialler, where'd you go?" Liam asked, putting his arm around my shoulder. "Oh, I went to find that girl for Harry, you know the one he serenaded." I added, shrugging. "Ahh, did you find her?" "Yep, turns out her name is Annalisa and I got her number for Harry..." my voice trailed off. "Are you okay, Nialler?" Liam asked, daddy direction taking over. "Yeah, I'll be fine.." I muttered, removing his arm and walking away." What was wrong with me? How could I have acted like it was no big deal Harry liked Anna in front of her but now, I can't hide my emotion. Harry can annoy the nandos outta me sometimes. "Niall!" Speak of the devil... "Hiya mate! Oh umm, I hope you don't mind, I chased Annalisa down for you and gave her your number." "Who's Annalisa?" Anger built up slightly in my chest. He didn't even know her NAME. Ugh. "You know....that girl you won't hush up about." I said, half jokingly, half serious. "Ohhh, that's her name? Wow, she's got a beautiful name." He began to smile. Yeah, she does...and I can't have her. I thought to myself sadly. My eyes filled with tears, angry tears as I watched Harry walk away. But you know what they say, there are always coincidences that come before fate. And maybe my fate hasn't come yet. But I will wait...


~Harry's POV~

I instantly began texting Annalisa, nervous and excited. Something seemed odd about Niall, but I shrugged it off. Probably tired and hungry. Hey Anna, it's me, Harry :)      I anxiously waited for a reply. Hi stranger :) how are you?   My heart sped up. The way she put humor in her texts made me fall for her more and more. I'm actually doing great, love, how about you? enjoy the concert? ;)  She replied almost instantly. Yes, lol, i did! You guys were amazing, as usual ;) I admit though, it was quite strange being in a place full of English and British people..(i'm from America visiting my cousin) AMERICAN? SHE WAS AMERICAN? That was totally acceptable for me. I've always had a thing for American girls. American girl huh? That's interesting babes, which state? We were on our tourbus now, back to the hotel we were staying in. I'm from Chicago Illinois haha, pretty loud there as well.. Funny...we had a show in St. Louis but not Chicago. I wonder why. Really? We had a show in St. Louis a couple months back, I'm just glad I found you...:) I read my text over and quickly added, If you aren't busy tomorrow, would you like to go to my hotel? The boys and I are going bowling, out to eat, and to a film. You're welcome to join...:) I waited 5 whole minutes before I got a reply. Apparently she was thinking it through. I hoped she would say yes! I'd love too :) but do you mind if my cousin Skylar tags along? She wants to "get to know" Zayn lol :) I laughed at this. Zayn and girls were a good mix, but I wondered if she was his type. Besides, I was pretty sure he had a thing for Perrie, but if saying yes would get me closer to Anna, then sure. Of course she can! I'll pick you up at 2? We are at the hotel across the street from the new flats. xxxHarry  My liking for this girl was rapidly growing, I hoped that she felt the same way.  Really? Skylar's apartments, oops I mean flats are across from a hotel too! Old English hotel? My heart instantly lit up. She was right across the road from me! This was fate after all! That's where I am babes! :) come over anytime you need anything ;) I'm at the hotel now so I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow Anna xxx

Fate. It had to be fate. I finally found my dream girl. The one I would do anything for, and she might feel the same way about me too.


~Anna's POV~

I couldn't believe it! Harry...Styles..was texting me. And he asked me out. He managed to knock down my love wall quicker than you can say Boom. I hated him for that, but was amazed as well. Promise you won't get too attatched Anna. I told myself. I nodded my head. I'll go out with him. But I can't allow myself to get too attatched. I won't let myself get hurt ever again...funny. This definetly wasn't a coincidence anymore. His hotel was across from Skylar's flat, and he sang to me...out of all of the gorgeous perfect girls there he chose me. Why? I honestly don't know...maybe Skylar was right...this is fate, but why was it so quick to happen?


A/N hey people :) so im already uploading again, but i couldn't wait and i was bored. I think this will be the last time the contest to win autographs and a smartphone? i totally entered. so i don't want to rush to the end of the story or anything but i do want it done before deadline! i'll upload again tomorrow...:) i haven't gotten that many reads but that's okay, because there are sooo many stories on here that are really good! Personally i think they are better than mine will ever be but hey, that's talent so congratz to u authors out there :) spoiler alert, THERE WILL BE DRAMA, FLASHBACKS, AND VIOLENCE IN THE NEXT TWO CHAPTERS SO BE WARNED! bwahaha okay, my pointless author's note is done :) see you tomorrow! -Bri

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