Jade has been the grown up all her life, never known how it was to be a happy kid for a long time. She's had responsibilities since she was 10, Jade's only true friend is Dominic he has been like a brother to her but it seems Dominic has been keeping secrets. As Jade unravels the secrets the whole world needs help as it crumbles to death. Will Jade and her sister survive will everyone surrvie? Find out in "Broken"!


1. Memories

 Running , running as fast as I can. My heart is beating so loud that I can hear it in my ear. I sit on the cold damp ground and try to calm myself down. I  breath in and out very slowly trying to catch my breath. Trying to go through my mind and rearrange everything that just happened. I remember taking Jaclyn on her daily walk , she always liked walking by the park and watching the other dogs playing with their owners .  Then I remember seeing Dominic running into the old 101 , the old 101 is a huge building used for testing and creating. The old 101 creates super humans , mutants , and they test animals. In 1976 a huge argument was involved with the 101 agency , the argument was about testing on humans and animals. The public got so angry at the 101 agency they burned down the main building killing almost 200 people and a life time of research and testing. No one ever goes into the 101 because spirits still walk the halls of the main building . After watching Dominic running into theold 101 a black car swerved around the corner and stopped in front of the building chasing after Dominic . I rushed to one of the windows and watched in horror as I saw the president and the united state government hold Dominic down hostage . As Dominic struggled to be free the president took out a big light brown suitcase , inside the suitcase was needles , chemicals , and test tubes. As they started setting up a mini science lab the mayor walked in the room , Dominic instantly started insulting him. The president filled a needle with a chemical and walked over to Dominic , Dominic then broke free from the device holding him down but it was to late the needle was already injected into his right shoulder. Dominic than fell to the ground and did not get up , he was still as a rock. I could feel a tear sliding down my cheek as i watched Dominic not breath or move. I wanted to scream , fight , do something with all my might to bring him back. After the mayor checked Dominic's pulse 
 they all left claiming he was dead , they left his lifeless body there to rot. After I was positive they left I ran inside and Dominic was gone.... That's why I was running hoping to run away from everything , I've been trying to run away from the worst ever since my parents died in a burning building known as the old 101 . Ever since my parents died i have token care of my sister and myself .
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