The one I love and need

A story about Niall Horan :)


2. It's no longer a secret <3

My eyes squinted as I opened them to reveal the moon light. I felt a warm comforting presence beneath me as I layed there wondering where I was. As Slowely started to sit up I felt someone grip onto my waist, Niall:" Stay down, they'll see you. " I rested my head back on his shoulder when he kissed my forehead and whispered," I need to tell you a secret.. ;)" I lifted my head back up and began to smile but he gently pressed me back down and kindly said again, "stay down, they'll see you". For a second I wondered what he meant but I didn't have to worry because I knew he'd keep me safe.
Me: who's there Niall?
Niall: it's nothing I promise.
He wrapped his arms around me and said "go back to sleep. Everything is fine".

The cool breeze was picking up and I began to shiver. The blanket he brought was a small hand knit blanket and his chest was my pillow. I didn't want to go back to sleep now wondering who was out here this late at night so I asked again,
Me: Niall?
Niall: Vera? Are you alright?
Me: I'm fine but who's out here with us? Please be honest.
Niall: don't worry about it you'll be fine as long as im here
Me: Niall? I'd like to know please.
He began to stroke my long auburn hair web I heard a camera flash.
Me: did someone just take a picture of us laying on the grass together?
Niall: yes...
Me: why though?
Niall: I want everyone to know your my girl. And you always will be. :).
The smile on my face grew bigger making it difficult to respond to his sweet comment.
Niall: oh yea, about that secret.. I don't want it to be a secret anymore.. Love you Vera. <3.
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