The one I love and need

A story about Niall Horan :)


1. His laughter <3

I wrote this story about Niall <3 hope you guys like it-

The sun was setting. The trees swayed back and forth. There was a slight breeze that brushed through my long light brown hair as it danced around in the darkened sky. As I sat there- hands wrapped around both knees, I thought about how amazing this all was.. Just sitting here on the cool grassy hillside watching the sky evolve into different shades or yellows and orange. But something seemed wrong. If only he was here.

It was getting late but I didn't want to leave so I tilted back and rested my body on the silky grass. As I looked up at the stars watching them appear one after the other, something startled me. It was a sound that I've heard many times but for some reason it shocked me. This angelic sound was a mans laugh.

I quickly sat up now knowing who's it was. As I turned around and hoped It wasnt an illusion I saw Niall. <3. He was approaching me with a small blanket
Niall: aren't you getting cold? You know it's late.
Me: I'm fine thank you.
I patted the ground with my right hand signaling him to join me and so he came. Niall: really, you have goosebumps please take the blanket.
Me: fine but only if you...
Niall: if I what?
Me: ...
I took the blanket and with out me even asking him to wrap himself in it too, he did.
Me: isn't this blanket too small?
Niall: I guess I'll just have to hold you closer ;).

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