I Love You, Too

When Daniella's best friend, Sheridan, decieds to go out to a party, they meet some people they never they imagened the people they meet and they change their lives forever.


5. To the Room

Liam's P.O.V

Poor Daniella. I am going to have a talk with Harry. I don't think I should tell him about Asher. Daniella will tell him if she want's to.

Niall's P.O.V

If I ever meet this Asher dude, I am going to give him a piece of my mind! Now, was I even supposed to here that?

Daniella's P.O.V

Man, I hope this night never has to end.

"What time is Harry?" I ask him.

"12:00." he says.

Spoke to soon.

"Oh God, I have to go!"

"Why?! We were having so much fun!"

"I have church in the morning!" 

"Will your mom be worried?"

"Well, Sheridan and I, after school ended, we moved into an apartment together. We just go to church with her mom."

"At least let me drive you home? Please?!"

"What about our car and Sheridan?"

"Just give me a sec."

He walked over to Liam and Sheridan and told them something. Sheridan looked really excited, so that is a good sign.Then Harry walked over.

"You're coming with me and the boys. I am going to drive you to the hotel. It turns out,you house is only about a minute from our hotel. Sheridan will go and get clothes for you guys."

"Okay, but why are we staying with you guys?" I asked him.

"Well for one, we have an interview at the time you have church, and second, I don't really want to be without you. You are so fun and carefree. I just feel good when I'm around you."

I was speechless. Harry Styles just said that he likes me. I must had a funny look on my face because Harry started to laugh.

Why are you making that face? It is a bit funny." He told me.

"Do you really feel that way about me? I ask him.

"Of course! I really like you." He said. Then, he pulled me into a big hug. We stood there hugging until Liam came and broke us apart.

"Um, Harry. We, um, need to go." Liam said.

"Okay." He said. It sounded light and airy like he just woke up from a wonderful dream.

We walked hand in hand to his car, while Sheridan and Liam walked to her car.

The drive home was quiet with occasional looks at each other then looking away giggling with lovestruck faces.When we got to the hotel Harry hoped out and went over and opened the car door for me.

"We have reached the hotel." He said. Man, that British accent was hot!

When we walked into the lobby, I just stood gaping at it. The ceilings were at least two stories high and there were three huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The whole room was done in a very fancy way and they used a lot of red and black. It was so nice!  

"Daniella, are you okay? You're making that super surprised face again." Harry told me.

"Sorry. It's just, it's so nice here. Do you always stay in hotels as nice as this?" I asked him.

"Pretty much. Why don't we go to the room. I'm almost positive that Louis, Niall, and Zayn are there and if not, they stopped to get food." Harry said.

"But we just at a party where they ate?" I asked.

"Well, you know Niall. And if one gets food, the rest do to."

We were in the elevator now and Harry pushed level 22. We went up the elevator in silence, but I had a question buzzing in my head. "Can I trust him?"

We finally got to got to our level and we both stepped out of the elevator and started walking down a hall to their room. It was at  the end the hall. When we walked in the suite was giant! There was as much space as two of mine and Sheridan's apartment in here! The second thing I noticed, it was really messy! Everything was everywhere!

"How do you get it so messy in here?! Do the cleaners come here every morning?"I ask him.

"Yes the cleaners do come here every mourning and five boys in a hotel room without a girl, of course we make it messy." he told me. "I guess the boys aren't home yet. I, at least, haven't heard them yet."

Just then, Sheridan and Liam walked in with two bags.

"Hello, Dani. Hi Harry!" Sheridan said.

"Hey, Sheridan! Can I have my bag, please? I ask. "Harry, where is the bathroom?"

"Down the hall, second to the left." He told me.

"Thanks!" I said, then I hurried of to the hall.

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