I Love You, Too

When Daniella's best friend, Sheridan, decieds to go out to a party, they meet some people they never they imagened the people they meet and they change their lives forever.


1. The Party

Daniella's P•O•V "Sheridan! Where are we going?" We had both decied to go out for the night, but I thought we would drive around and stop somewhere to eat. Now we were both in party dresses at 8:00 at night driving toward, well honestly, I don't know, just a beach. Then I saw where we were going. There were a lot of people and lights everywhere. "Whos party is this?" I asked. " It is just a party. I thought sence school was out, now we could have some fun!" Sheridan told me. We drove for about another 5 minutes and there we were. At the party. I am not the best dancer in the world so at school dances, I mostly go with my friends were we just laugh at each others funny dancing. Now it was all different. Now we were in a public place and I didn't know anyone here! I did not want to dance or have anything to do with this party. "Sheridan, I'm not feeling so good. Can we go home?!" I almsot yelled. Then I remember sick people don't yell. "Come on Daniella. I know you are just faking it so we can go home! "Fine. I was. But just so you know I am Not going to dance." I shouted to her. "Okay. But you don't know what your missing! She shouted back. So this is why she told me to put on a party dress. I slowly start walking to the party. I am trying to concitrate on the pros of comming to this party, but I keep on getting distracted by the gentel roll of the waves and how the sand feels like silk on my feet. "I wish I could stay right here forever. Never have to worry about am I late or do I need more makeup on. Just sit and relax." I said to myself. "Me to." someone said next to me. It scared me so bad when he said me to that I nearley jumped out of my skin "Hi, I'm Harry and you are?" "I'm Daniella. I just don't have a lot of expereance at party's so I'm a bit nervous." "Thats ok. You can just stick with me and you won't even have to dance." "Thank you for being so nice to me. My best friend told me she was going in because she loves party's." "Your welcome." "Do you happen to know the time?" I ask. "Yes, It is 8:30." "Oh God. I left my friend in there 30 minutes ago! I need to go in there amd tell her I decied to come in." "I'll come with you." Harry said "Okay, lets go!" I said

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