I Love You, Too

When Daniella's best friend, Sheridan, decieds to go out to a party, they meet some people they never they imagened the people they meet and they change their lives forever.


9. Morning

Daniella's P.O.V

When I woke up, I was in Harry's bed.

"How did I get here?" I thought. But then I remembered, sorta. I remember seeing Harry smiling at me, then being lifted up and set down and covers put over me. I also remember saying something, but I don't know what.

When I looked over at the clock on the bedside table, it was 9:00! I needed to get up and get ready. I pulled of the covers and raced out of bed. My mistake.

"Oww!" I said.

"What! Who's there?!" He yelled as he shot up from his blankets.

"Harry?! Really?! Right next to my bed?!" I yelled.

"Sorry. I didn't think you'd trip over me. Are you okay?" He asked.

Just then, I realized that I was rubbing my arm.

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine. I just hit it when I landed." I said.

"Okay. As long as your okay. Now, why were you in such a hurry?" He asked.

"It's 9! I have to get ready!"

"Really?! Then I have to get up too."

"Harry, do you know where my bag is?"

"Yeah. It's next to the door."

"Thanks!" I said while I was grabbing my bag. Then, I went to the bathroom and decided to take a quick shower. When I was done showering I slipped on my clothes. Sheridan packed my my favorite church outfit. A red top with white sequins on the shoulders and black jeans. When I was done, I went to the kitchen and found everyone eating.

"Hey, Dani!" Sheridan said.

"Hey back to you. Are you ready to go?" I asked.

"Not yet. I'm eating first, then I will go change."


I went over and sat next to Harry and took one of his pieces of toast.

"Hey?! That's mine!" He said.

I started to laugh.

"You sound like a five-year-old." I managed to say. Then I took a bite out of the toast. By now, everyone was laughing.

"At least you didn't take anything from Niall. That would have been bad for you." Louis said.

Fifteen minutes later, we were ready. I was walking over to Harry to tell him we were going. I found him in the main room sitting on the couch watching something. I went over and sat next to him.

"Hey Harry. Were leaving." I told him.

"Do you have to? You could come with us." he said.

"Sorry. I have to go."

"Fine. Just let me leave you this." he said. Then, he kissed my cheek. "I guess I looked something like that when you kissed me."

I had a huge grin on my face and no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't go away. Just then, Sheridan walked in.

"Dani, we need to go!" She said.

"Kay." I said. But I was a million miles away. All I got from that sentence was Dani, need, and go. I just sat there for another minute and now, Sheridan came over to get me.

"Let's go, Dani." She said as she pulled me up.

"Kay. Bye Harry." I said.

"Bye Dani." He said.

On our way out, we stopped in the kitchen to find Liam.

"Hey, Liam. Where are we going to meet when were done?" Sheridan asked.

"Give me your number. I call you when were done. What time does your church end?" Liam asked.


"Okay. Our interview ends at 12, so I'll call you when it ends and until then, just do what you want to do." He said.

"Got it. See ya later." She said then we left.

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