I Love You, Too

When Daniella's best friend, Sheridan, decieds to go out to a party, they meet some people they never they imagened the people they meet and they change their lives forever.


2. Finding Out The Truth

Harry's P•O•V

Man, this girl was fast! I know she was trying to find her friend, but still. I wonder if she knows who I really am: HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION. I hope not. She might treat me different if she knew.

Louis's P•O•V
"Where is Hazza?!" I yelled at Liam.

"I haven't seen him sence we got here, mate." He told me.

Usually we hang out during party's, but I just cand find him! He wondered of when we got here and nobody has seen him anywhere! I hope he isn't drinking too much.

"Harry, HARRY, HARRY!" I yelled.

Still no response.

Sheridan's P•O•V

This place was so much fun! I just wish Daniella decied to come in with me. Last I saw her she was sitting in the beach with someone. I just hope it not a boy. She is still trying to get over her last break up, and I don't want another boy to break her heart in the same month.

"Sheridan, SHERIDAN!" I herd someone calling my name, so I went towards the sound of my name.

Daniella was standing there holding hands with a boy who was panting.

"Your Harry Styles" I said.

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