I Love You, Too

When Daniella's best friend, Sheridan, decieds to go out to a party, they meet some people they never they imagened the people they meet and they change their lives forever.


4. Asher

Sheridan's P.O.V

 OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! I am dancing/ hanging out with LIAM! We were dancing, but we both goth tired so we took a break and stood near Niall (Who was still stuffing his face with food!) and ate a little food. This is awesome! I just worry about Daniella and Harry because of her last boyfriend, Asher.

 "Are you okay, love?" Liam asked me. "You look scared and nervous. Is something wrong?"

 "Well, no. Three weeks ago, Dani's last boyfriend broke up with her. And it was bad. Really bad. He would abuse her. Anywhere and everywhere. With words and physically. He would say she was useless. That nobody likes her. He called them his mood swings. She would sit in her room crying and only let me in. She would whisper to herself "It's only a mood swing. He is still my Asher." When he got physical, she would be left with bruises and cuts. It was not pretty. She would look into my eyes and say "Don't tell my mom." and then, would burst out crying. It was so sad. Her mom then started to notice the bruises and cuts. Dani would tell her that she fell or something like that. Her mom one day came to me and asked me about it. That's when all of all hatred and hurt broke lose. I told her mom everything. Her mom was in shock. She couldn't believe it. She told me thank you, then got up and left. I could hear sobbing from her mom's room. Asher is famous for his public brake ups, and a few days later, it happened. It was the last week of school and we were having an end of school dance. Asher went up on stage and said he wanted to make an announcement, but it ended up as the break up. He said "To Daniella, the useless girl, I never want to see you again. We are over." I just don't want Daniella to go through that again. Can I trust Harry?" I told him and by then I was sobbing.

 "I am so sorry about what happened to Daniella. Tonight, should I tell Harry to be careful with Daniella?" Liam asked me.

"Please. I do not want another Asher." I told him.

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