Save Me part one

 I'm not like most 13 year olds.
I've had an okay life, I lost my dad to suicide this year January 7th. I also dealt with getting made fun of up until the beginning of seventh grade... But through that I changed my self so much. 5th grade I was goth, 6th grade was a prep, and 7th grade I was vintage. I only changed because I didn't want anymore hurt.
I was always underestimated for being unintelligent, even though I was a straight A student. I felt as if I was different from everybody else, and they would always try to put them selves in my place and relate too me, and if they tried I'd be mad because they can't and they're we're trying to make me feel better and I hate sympathy. Sympathy is fake. I was always getting flirted with, but never had a guy actually call me beautiful, it was always hot or sexy, which isn't exactly a insult, but I'm only 13. It would make me feel scared, I felt in danger and I wish my Dad was there to protect me...


4. The Next Morning

"Jacquline, Jacquline wake up," Addy rolled me over, remembering that Niall was here made me sit up, I looked around. "Wheres Niall?" I asked, "Well they ended up fixing the elevator and he just made his way down..." she replied. "What?" I started crying knowing that was the last time I would ever talk to him. Addy calmed me down and told me that it's all right and he was just like any other famous person, all I heard after that was 'blah, blah' because I didn't want to believe it, Niall was different, and I knew that.
We had got to the bottom floor of the arch and we got
Hugged by our moms and stopped by many interviewers about how we got stuck, I really had no answer, how did these people really expect us to know? Maybe that's why Niall left so early, he wanted to avoid that. I grabbed Addy's hand and dragged her to the bathroom with me. When we were in there I remembered I had makeup in my purse, and when I pulled out my makeup I also happened to pull out my EMPTY gummi bear pouch imported from Canada, Niall had ate them. If only he were here to laugh about it with me. I finished putting on makeup and tried to flatten out any wrinkles on my shirt with my hand and a paper towel. Then I noticed that this wasn't my shirt, I was still wearing Nialls! I looked in the mirror admiring the shirts fitted cloth material, and took out a stack of light colored paper from the pocket, they were little business cards. I guess it's kind of a famous people thing, they were actually quite cute. I took one last look at them before placing them back in the the pocket, his phone number, it was there. "Addy! Nialls phone number was on these business cards!" I yelled knowing I still have a way to contact him. "where did you get the business cards?" she asked. "I found them in the Pocket of the shirt he let me put on last night, this is so great!" I was overwhelmed, I couldn't wait to get home and try to text him!
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