Save Me part one

 I'm not like most 13 year olds.
I've had an okay life, I lost my dad to suicide this year January 7th. I also dealt with getting made fun of up until the beginning of seventh grade... But through that I changed my self so much. 5th grade I was goth, 6th grade was a prep, and 7th grade I was vintage. I only changed because I didn't want anymore hurt.
I was always underestimated for being unintelligent, even though I was a straight A student. I felt as if I was different from everybody else, and they would always try to put them selves in my place and relate too me, and if they tried I'd be mad because they can't and they're we're trying to make me feel better and I hate sympathy. Sympathy is fake. I was always getting flirted with, but never had a guy actually call me beautiful, it was always hot or sexy, which isn't exactly a insult, but I'm only 13. It would make me feel scared, I felt in danger and I wish my Dad was there to protect me...


3. Stuck, but together

"The delay is gonna be 14 hours..." Addy commented. I pretended to act upset, which was easy because my fear of heights made a good cover story, but to be honest I wanted to stay there with Niall forever. "C'mon Jacquline, come over here" Niall convinced me to watch the sunset, so I could try to make the best of the situation. Addy had called her mom and mine to tell her about the delay and letting them know everything was alright, she wa the only one who actually got reception up here. As the sun almost faded into night, Niall wrapped his arm over my back and we looked out the small windows, I held my fear. Not only were we up like 1000ft but the window seals also lean downwards, Niall did make all of the anxiety go away though.
I was cold, and starting to shiver "Jacquline, your shivering, here take my shirt" Nialls beautiful eyes looked so beautiful in the moonlight. I started to put the shirt over my take top "No silly, you don't put your arms through the hole, or they won't stay warm" he joked while helping me out.
We all eventually decided to try and sleep, Addy and Niall were on opposite window seals and I was on the floor. I couldn't get to sleep because of the helicopters circling us, so I thought of how my life suddenly had a 'lucky moment' and eventually veered of to sleep.
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