Save Me part one

 I'm not like most 13 year olds.
I've had an okay life, I lost my dad to suicide this year January 7th. I also dealt with getting made fun of up until the beginning of seventh grade... But through that I changed my self so much. 5th grade I was goth, 6th grade was a prep, and 7th grade I was vintage. I only changed because I didn't want anymore hurt.
I was always underestimated for being unintelligent, even though I was a straight A student. I felt as if I was different from everybody else, and they would always try to put them selves in my place and relate too me, and if they tried I'd be mad because they can't and they're we're trying to make me feel better and I hate sympathy. Sympathy is fake. I was always getting flirted with, but never had a guy actually call me beautiful, it was always hot or sexy, which isn't exactly a insult, but I'm only 13. It would make me feel scared, I felt in danger and I wish my Dad was there to protect me...


2. (Fan Fic Time) at the gateway arch

Now grown up, at 18, I visited the arch for my birthday. It was more crowded than usual, it took about a hour to get on the elevator to the top. As we got to the top I felt the floor curving a bit. I sat on the far leaning window seal to look out. I was starting to get scared, not such a good idea for someone scared of heights to visit the arch. I felt a warm hand touch my arm, "are you okay" a giggely Irish accent, "Uh yeah," I felt as if it was gonna be a creep, till I turned around and saw, sandy blonde hair, with convincingly deep blue eyes.
'couldn't this be real' I thought. I felt tears running down my face and my arms around his waste, I couldn't help but to aprriciate the Source of my happiness. "so you must be pretty scared then, huh?" he said sarcastically, I looked up my tears still falling. He giggled, and then "Niall!!!" my friend would've of course interrupted. That short moment of letting go of him to let him greet my friend, I realized the top of the arch was empty. Kept hearing machine noises from the elevator entrance. I started to worry, we were stuck. Niall and Addy noticed me freaking out and ran over. "what's wrong?" Addy questioned " the elevator," I hesitated "I think it's broke". Niall walked over and pushed the button, now the lights were out... Good thing it was still daylight but it was already 7:30, the sun was about to set. I was still freaking out, Niall wrapped his arms around me and everything was better. "How about I search on my phone the arch hotline
Number?" Addy suggested "At least if we do will know the delay..."
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