Family Forever

Linny Holden was just your typical 18 year old girl who was in love with One Direction Until her teacher, Mrs. Ort, assigned her class a project to look up there long lost relatives. Half of Linny's family comes from Scotland and the other half from England. When her and Linny's bestfriend Molly get to work on the project, Linny discovers something she couldn't believe her eyes. Is it true is Linny actually related to one of the members of the teen pop throb boy band? Or did she go threw all that trouble find out it was all a problem on the website?


7. The Boys *read note please*

After I helped Molly finish cleaning up the big mess and relizing that I am not that tired, I want to go look for the boys and offically meet them. I am a hardcore directioner, but it would be nice to hear if from them and not the internet. We checked everywhere but we couldn't find them. "Where the hell are they?" Molly said angrly. " Like I know? I don't stalk them.." Ha! Who am I kidding, I always read and hear where they are at all times. "Look! They are outside playing soccer!"  I said pointing in their direction. Me, personally am not a big fan of soccer at all. I suck at it and I rather play basketball alot more. I used to play soccer but I quit because I sucked and it was boring. But the boys are amazing. They are so good at it.

Harry's P.O.V.

"Oh my god." I thought to myself. Linny is walking over here. Be cool be cool. The way the wind blows her hair back and the way her dress is flowing, she is turning me on. She looks absoutly beautiful.

Louis' P.O.V.

"Score 1 for Carrot King and score 0 for the leprechaun!" It's always nice to beat Niall is soccer, because he is amazing at it and me, I guess I am good, but not amazing. I see Linny walking over here with her friend. I turn and glance at Harry and he is drooling. Huh? He doesn't even know her? Okay then. "Haz, close your mouth you'll catch flies." I said with a cheeky grin on my face. Harry turned from happy to complete embarrassement. "Sorry Lou." he said.

"Hey Linny! What' up?

"Hey Lou, well you said earlyer that I could meet the boys and now kinda seemed like a good time."

"Oh right, yea!" "Linny, this is Liam, that's Niall, this is Zayn, and that's Harry."

"Hey, I am Linny, and this is my friend Molly." I thought Molly was a cutie.

Once they all said there hellos, i couldn't help but wonder why Harry was drooling when he saw Linny.

Linny's P.O.V.

I can't believe I just met One Direction! I am fangirling inside. Molly seems more quite than usual but at the moment I could careless. Niall looked so cute when he was playing soccer. I wish I could get to know him better. I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water, and I saw Niall in there eating. Suprise surprise.

"Hey Niall." I had a big grin plastered on my face.

"Oh hey Linny, sorry I am hungry." He said stuffing his face with mashed potatoes.

"I can see that." I said shyly.

"I love your accent Lin, where are you from? It is very different from other accents I have heard." Did Niall just say he loved my accent? Excuse me while I go scream.

 "Southern Michigan. In the states." I said. "I've never been there. What's it like? He acutually sounded interested. I showed him pictures of the lake, all the open land. "It may be small, but its my home." I said to him. I showed him a picture of my house.

"That's your house? It's huge!" He looked amazed, I don't know why though,  he fucking famous and has been to bigger and prettier places than my house."

"Yup, that's my house. Not that impressive."

"Well, next time we are in America, and we are near there, ill see if we can come by!"

"Niall! I would love that!" Now, I have a huge smile on my face.



NOTE: Hey everyone! Well, I am not done with the story, obviously, but can you guys give me some feedback to see if it is good or not? I am not sure how well i am doing, but if you can tell me in the comments that would be great! Thanks!



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