Family Forever

Linny Holden was just your typical 18 year old girl who was in love with One Direction Until her teacher, Mrs. Ort, assigned her class a project to look up there long lost relatives. Half of Linny's family comes from Scotland and the other half from England. When her and Linny's bestfriend Molly get to work on the project, Linny discovers something she couldn't believe her eyes. Is it true is Linny actually related to one of the members of the teen pop throb boy band? Or did she go threw all that trouble find out it was all a problem on the website?


14. Hospital

After a 30 minutes of the most silent car ride we arrived to the hospital and we asked the lady at the front desk to go see Louis. "Name please?" "Louis Tomlinson" we all said at the same time. "Oh, here he is, he's on the forth floor, room 424. "Thank you!" We all said and ran to the lift. We finally got to his room, and he was awake, singing about something. I decided to go first, because obviously I was family. "LINNYY!" He yelled and smiled! "LOUIS!" I yelled back and ran to give him a hug. Then everyone came in the room smiling!

"Oh my god, I missed you guys! So far is been SO boring! I was singing about the Tella Tebbies."

"Louis, it's only 9 in the morning..." I said laughing.

"SO WHAT." He rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"So what did the doctors say?" I said worriedly. Right when it rolled of my tounge, his mood changed rapidly.

"Uhm, I broke both of my legs and I had surgrey last night. Doctors say I have been doing very well, but I don't get to leave until tomorrow. They said I jumped out of a window? Because of something I heard?

"Well yea Loui, you jumped out of the window because of what Eleanor said to you and everyone on twitcam.." I feel so bad for him.

"Oh.. I.. oh..." Louis' eye's filled with tears. Just then the room bursted open with Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie. Wait? Why is Eleanor here?

"OH MY GOD LOUIS ARE YOU OKAY??" El said threw her tears. I just moved back to the corner of the room because of how mad I am at her.

"I'm fine Eleanor." Louis said trying to not make contact with her. She nodded and came over to me. "Linny, why did Louis do that? Why?" "Are you fucking stupid? Eleanor! You completely embarrsseed him on Twitcam and said you were cheating on him? He was completely heartbroken." Eleanor ran out of the room crying.

An hour later everyone left, execpt Harry, Molly and I. I am glad we have peace and quite, everyone was kinda getting on my nerves. Louis' family gets to see him tomorrow morning and my mom. I just hope he will be okay.


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