Family Forever

Linny Holden was just your typical 18 year old girl who was in love with One Direction Until her teacher, Mrs. Ort, assigned her class a project to look up there long lost relatives. Half of Linny's family comes from Scotland and the other half from England. When her and Linny's bestfriend Molly get to work on the project, Linny discovers something she couldn't believe her eyes. Is it true is Linny actually related to one of the members of the teen pop throb boy band? Or did she go threw all that trouble find out it was all a problem on the website?


10. Heartbroken

Linny's P.O.V.

After hearing about Lou and El fighting alot, I decided to go talk to Eleanor myself about Louis.

To El :-): hey eleanor its linny, louis' cousin i was wondering if you want to get some coffee or tea what ever they say here and chat alittle bit to get too no each other. i would really enjoy that. :)

I just hit send and I was hoping that I would get a reply right away. But I didn't, I get ready for the day, it was sunny but only 45 degrees. I put of a big pink sweatshirt with a heart in the middle, ripped jeans, and tan moccasins. I straighted my hair and I thougtht I pretty good today. After about 45 mintues, I finally got a text back from Eleanor.

From El :-): umm hi linny. how did you get my number? oh wait, louis. nevermind and sure i will love to meet you to get coffee, meet me at starbucks down the road from Louis' home. :-) xx

To El :-): okay coool :)

I walked down to the kitchen and saw Louis eating Special K. With his hands.

"Lou! What are you doing?" I giggled when he looked up with cereal all over his face.

"Eating? What the hell does it look like i'm doing? And why are you all fancy looking? Where are you doing?

"I am going to Starbucks with Eleanor to get to know her better, and ask her why you and her are not getting along, you are so perfect together I don't want anything harm between you two." Louis went from happy to mad in two seconds.

"I swear, if that bitch does anything to you, you better call me!" Louis said almost shouting.

"Louis, if you are calling her a bitch then why are you dating her? She said something to make you mad, that doesn't give you the right to call her names.

"Okay, sorry. I wont call her that. I love her and all still, but I hate fighting and I want to know the real reason why we are, because honestly I don't know why we are." Louis' looked hurt from saying that, he must still really care for El.


After walking in the cold and finally arriving to Starbucks, I saw Eleanor sitting in the back on her phone.

"Hey El!" I walked over to her.

"Hi Linny, I can't stay very long only like 10 mintues, but I need to tell you something"

"Go ahead..." Oh no, this can't be good. "Well, as you know me and Lou are fighting alot lately and I want to tell you that I want to dump him sorry ass. But can you deliever that message from me to him? Thanks love!

"El, no. He is your boyfriend, you tell him. And why are you guys fighting the first place?" I am so angry with her. Louis is going to be heartbroken.

"Well, Louis was at his concert and I didn't want to go. So me and one of my friends went to the club and I met this extremely handsome guy named Harvey. He's brilliant. And I was kinda tired of Louis touring so much and we haven't got alot of time together. So we had a one night stand. I got his number and we have been texting alot and we both really like each other and I made up my mind and I want Harvey not Louis. And I have to go now, but i'll chat you later! And make sure you and Lou and the rest of the boys are on Twitcam tonight! I'll call Louis right now and tell him we are over! Bye Linny!"

My eyes widen as she said she's telling him now. I ran back to Louis' and ran into his room but I was to late. He was on his bed sobbing so hard. Harry and Liam were on both sides of them Niall was sitting on the floor and so was Zayn. I ran over and sat on Louis' lap and he sobbed into my shoulder.

Liam tapped me on the shoulder "Linny, hes heartbroken."

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