Family Forever

Linny Holden was just your typical 18 year old girl who was in love with One Direction Until her teacher, Mrs. Ort, assigned her class a project to look up there long lost relatives. Half of Linny's family comes from Scotland and the other half from England. When her and Linny's bestfriend Molly get to work on the project, Linny discovers something she couldn't believe her eyes. Is it true is Linny actually related to one of the members of the teen pop throb boy band? Or did she go threw all that trouble find out it was all a problem on the website?


6. Dinner

Authors note: In the rest of the chapters, i would like to say i have nothing against eleanor. i love her! my friend thought of the idea for this chapter and it involes el and lou fighting. i adore eleanor very much and i hope her an lou never fight!

Louis' P.O.V.

"Time to eat everybody!!' said my mum. I saw Linny and i was thinking that we might actually because really close cousins, if I do say so myself, I have an very attractive cousin! Eleanor was on my side the entire time so far, I just wish she would go hang out with Danielle, so I can get to know Linny.

"Love, would you mind going to hang out with Dani?" I said hopefully she would agree with me. Me and El, well we have been fighting recently and it has been hard to deal with her lately. And she always disagrees with me now.

"Sure, Louis." Shes mad. I can tell.

Eleanor's P.O.V.

Ug, i just want to throw him into a brick wall. Then I can live happily ever after.

Linny's P.O.V.

Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner!! I sung to myself in a spongebob tune. I felt warm skin against my arm made me look up instantly.

"Oh, Lou! I am so sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you!

"It's okay love, I was actually looking for you. Do you want to sit with me for dinner so we can talk more?" I thought Louis would never ask.

"Sure Lou, I would love too!" I smiled. He smiled right back.

Just as we all were about to start eating, Zayn, Niall, and Liam came running towards the table. "I am eating dinner with One Direction and family. Oh my goooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddd." I thought to myself, I couldnt help it, I knew I have the HUGE grin on my face at the moment.

"Nice smile Linny. It's just the boys, I will introduce you to them later." Louis said happily.

"Please pass the potatoes." Niall said in his irish accent. I think I just died inside. His accent is to die for. I heard it on the internet but it's so much better in person. As any directioner, I would die for a Horan hug.

Dinner was over and I was so full I don't think I could ever eat again. I couldn't find Louis or the boys anywhere. I didn't even bother to go look for them. Just as I about to close my eyes, I heard a glass break in the kitchen. I would think it was Niall or Harry. As I walked in there, Molly dropped a big glass bowl. "Oppsy daisy." I couldn't help but laugh. I helped her clean up after I was done laughing my ass off.


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