Family Forever

Linny Holden was just your typical 18 year old girl who was in love with One Direction Until her teacher, Mrs. Ort, assigned her class a project to look up there long lost relatives. Half of Linny's family comes from Scotland and the other half from England. When her and Linny's bestfriend Molly get to work on the project, Linny discovers something she couldn't believe her eyes. Is it true is Linny actually related to one of the members of the teen pop throb boy band? Or did she go threw all that trouble find out it was all a problem on the website?


3. Determination

It's been 2 days since Linny found out that she was related to Louis Tomlinson. Molly was still in shock and hasn't said much since then. "Me, Linny Holden. How  could I be related to him? This has to be a computer mess up and it is not true. I want to ask my mom about it so I guess I will. " Linny thought to herself and she still didn't belive it.

"Erm, mom can I ask you something?"

"What Lin? I am busy at the moment so make it quick." She said not paying attention at all.

"Okay, well we got assigned a project in our english class and we have to look up relatives that we haven't really talked to or even knew, and when Molly and I did the other night and she typed in my name and it said that are related to the Tomlinson's? Louis Tomlinson is apprentally my cousin according to the website? and Mrs. Tomlinson is your aunt's sister? Is this true? Or is the computer mess up?

Mrs. Holden didn't know what to say. She was in shock to, to find out that Linny discovered that. She looked up from what she was doing and finally said something.

"Look Linny, the website or the computer isn't messed up because yes, it is true. I talk to Mrs. Tomlinson about 4 times a week, and the reason why I didn't tell you because I had a feeling you would go tell your whole school about it. I was trying to protect you from people could or would say to you. I didn't want any drama. Linny i'm sorry for not telling you."

"Wow mom. Wow. Probably the best new that someone could ever hear, my mother kept it from me. Thanks mom. I love you too." I thought to myself.

"Well, mom. How can I get ahold of Louis to ask him stuff about this? I know he's a huge pop star and I just at least want to ask him a few questions." I said sounding calm.

"Linny, call her Aunt Jay by the way. And we are flying out to London in a few days to meet up with her, and One direction because Jay just mailed us plane tickets to get there. BUT! You must promise me you will not freak out, yes its One Direction but he is family and you must treat him like family. And Molly can come too."

I called Molly that night and told her everything. "Also Molly! You can come to London with us too!"

"OH MY GOD! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO WEAR WHEN WE MEET THEM? SHOULD I GET A SPRAY TAN SO I LOOK TAN? OR SHOULD I JUST GO NATURAL AND GO SHOPPING FOR ALL NEW CLOTHES?? OH MY GOD THIS IS SOOO AWESOME!!" Molly was screaming at me threw the phone. I got to admit, I was pretty excited myself that I am actually related to him? But I am afriad i will flip when I see them. No, I won't Louis is family and like my  mom said i have treat them like it. So i will. I am 18, same as Harry styles! Maybe we will get to know each other and fall inlove! Okay, snap back into realty I can't get a boyfriend now, so no point in trying. Oh well. I am determined to find out more.

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