Come Find Me; A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

First off; I absolutely ADORE Eleanor J. Calder. It's just a story.
Louis is heartbroken after his breakup with Eleanor. He seems like the most unhapy person ever. He just wants to find love again. Will he find his true love? Will he ever let anyone grab hold of his heart again?


9. You Again?

---- Loui's POV ----

*Louis' dream*

       "Not again." I pleaded. I couldn't really see her face until she got up close. She held out her arms and..... Hugged me? She wrapped her arms around my waist and burried her face into my neck. I stood there in shock, but hugged her back. "Come on Lou. Let's go." she smiled, pulling me along with her. It was the girl from the bench. I nodded and walked with her. She led me to the flower garden.

       She let go of my hand and took of running. Where is she going? "Come find me Louis!" she called. I smiled and took off after her. She was nowhere in sight. I walked around a little bit until I felt someone hug me from behind. "You're not very good at playing hide and seek, are ya Lou?" she laughed. Her voice was so gentle. "Sure I am. I found you today didn't I?" I said turning around to face her.

       She took a step back and shook her head. "No. Because you let me go. You still haven't found me." she said. I reached out to touch her but she was gone. It had gotten fairly dark and foggy. "Where are you?!" I yelled. I started walking around, keeping my hands out infront of me since I couldn't see. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw her. I turned, but she turned into the fog. I felt someone tap my shoulder, so I spun around. Nothing. I heard her laugh all around me. "Come on, Lou. You'll find me." she giggled.

       I started running as her voice became louder in my ears. I have never ran so fast in my life. I stopped to catch my breath when I shouted, "Ariana?!". Wait. What? Then she stepped out of the fog. "Good. You know my name." she smiled stepping up to me. She was so close, her breath tickled my neck. "So you're the Ariana that called me?" I asked. She looked up at me but disappeared again. "No! Come back, please!!" I screamed, but it was useless.


---- Louis' POV ----

       "Come back!" I said. I sat straight up in my bed. I shook my head. That can't be Ariana. At least I saw the girl from the bench one last time. I smiled to myself and checked the time. 10:27 a.m. I stretched briefly and ran to the bathroom for a shower. I walked across the hall to Liam's room and knocked. Niall opened the door and tried to close it, but I pushed against him. He fell back in defeat and just laughed. Everyone was gathered on the two beds.

       "Aye Louis!" Zayn said, pronouncing my name "Loueh". Funny twit. "What do you boys want to do today?" Harry asked. Everyone shrugged, but an idea came to my mind. "Let's go to the boardwalk and just look through those little shops. Maybe we can even grab a snack at Starbucks." I smiled. They all looked at me before nodding in agreement. After almost an hour and half of walking, we stopped in Starbucks.

       Niall had said something that had me cracking up. I pushed the door open and stepped outside when felt something hit me in the shoulder. Well, there goes my drink. I looked down and it was the girl from the bench. I bent down and pulled her up. "I am so sorry!!" I said. She looked up at me and started to laugh hysterically. "You again?! Haha, we really need to stop meeting like this." she grinned.

       "Yeah, well, you really shouldn't be wearing my drink." She looked down at her dress and gasped. "Why don't you go clean up and meet me over there." I said pointing to the dock. She nodded and ran inside. She blushed. The bubbly, care-free girl blushed. Score! I sat in a black, iron chair waiting for the girl to come out. "Thanks for ruining my dress, jerk." she said in my ear. She plopped down in the chair across from me, wearing something else. "You changed?" I asked. She nodded. "You're lucky I bring extra clothes with me." she winked.

       "I'm really sorry.." I said sheepishly. She shrugged, "No big deal." She looked out at the giant ocean infront of her. The wind blew her hair all over the place, but she didn't seem to mind. I heard the boys laughing and I knew it had to be about me. "Excuse me Ariana." I said without thinking. "How'd you know my name?" she asked, looking puzzled. "Lucky guess.." I said. I was right! It IS the Ariana from the phone! "Who is she Lou?" Liam asked.

       "Remember how my phone rang and I said it was a wrong number? That's the girl who called me. Her name is Ariana." I smiled. "I also met her yesterday, but didn't realize it was her." They each nudged each other when I turned around. I sat down and took in a breath. "Were you calling people the other day asking for your friend? And you got a wrong number?" She nodded. "Yeah. How did you know?" she asked curiously.

       "You called me." I laughed. "Oh my gosh!! I thought I recognized your voice!" she squealed. She was adorable. For once, I wasn't worried about Eleanor. I was worried about Ariana. Today, I found her. She didn't find me. I knew I had to at least get to know her a little better. I looked at her, but she was already watching me. She smiled as if she could read my mind. "Ariana...." I breathed.....

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