Come Find Me; A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

First off; I absolutely ADORE Eleanor J. Calder. It's just a story.
Louis is heartbroken after his breakup with Eleanor. He seems like the most unhapy person ever. He just wants to find love again. Will he find his true love? Will he ever let anyone grab hold of his heart again?


2. Will I Be Better Soon?

---- Louis' POV -----     

       It was...unknown. Dang! I ignored it and continued to get ready. All of my clothes were so baggy anymore. I opened the door and walked into my bedroom. "What the..?" I questioned myself. "Man, it stinks in here!!" I walked over to the windows and opened them. The sunlight came flooding through along with a big gust of fresh air. I hated it, but I knew I needed it. I decided I'd make my bed and try to eat something. I bent down to pick up the fallen pillows when I noticed something brown. It had gold writing on it. I picked it up, feeling a pang of hurt and disgust. I threw in the drawer next my bed. A tear tried to escape, but I wouldn't let it win.       

       I finished cleaning up my room, which is a rare occassion, and made my way downstairs to the kitchen. All the boys were gathered around the table eating. All the seats filled except for one. Mine. They all stopped when they heard me enter the room. They gave me sheepish smiles. They were hurt, but most of all, they hurt because I was hurt. Liam stood up and came over to me. No sense in hiding my pain anymore. I let the tears escape my eyes as Liam pulled me into hug. Then the other lads came running over one by one, joining me in the crying. Soon enough, there were five guys standing there in a group hug, crying like sissy's.       

       Once we pulled apart, I wiped my eyes and cleared my throat as best as I could. Zayn put his hand on my shoulder as I shoved my hands in my pockets and stared at the floor. "I am massively sorry I yelled you boys. In a way, I guess I was jealous that you guys could laugh. I want that. I want to be able to love like Liam, laugh like Niall, smile like Zayn and be open like Harry again. I want to be my funny self. I just don't have it yet. I miss the way things were. I want it to go back to being that way. I just feel like I keep dissapointing everyone and in a way...I am. I'm not only hurting myself and you boys, but my family. My fans. They miss me and say they understand, but-" I said quietly. It hurt to finish, but I wanted to keep going. I was making myself feel better. I saw Harry out of the corner of my eye, wipe the tears falling from his eyes. Liam patted his back. "But, do they really?" I asked, lifting my head.       

       "Louis, I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone here. You're not hurting us. Yes, you are hurting yourself, but not us. No one will ever truly understand how bad you hurt until they've gone through it." Liam said. "All of us have gone through it, but we got over it. Some people take longer than others. And that's..okay." Zayn added. Harry smiled and said, "I think it may be harder for you because 1. It was way too sudden. 2. It was during our tour break. And 3. Because we have a new life. Just hang in there Lou." "Yeah. We'll get through it with you, buddy." Niall grinned.       

       I looked at my four bestfriends. These were the guys I could run to. I nodded once, before heading to the table. I picked up a piece of toast and carefully ate it. My stomach pleaded for more, but I don't think I could handle it right now. "So." Paul said entering the room. "Woah! Louis!! My boy. You're out of that bear cave, huh?" He said messing up my hair. "As I was saying, you need to get packin' tonight. We leave for Spain tomorrow. Just lettin' ya know." he finished before pulling up a chair to read the newspaper. I had forgotten that it was tomorrow. I really don't want to go. It was a big enough step just coming out of my "bear cave".       

       Liam and Niall cleaned up the table and dishes while me, Zayn and Harry went to the living room. "So, what do you boys wanna do today?" Zayn asked. "Niall and I were gonna go play some more golf." Harry replied. "Again? You guys have been down there for the past three weeks!" Zayn said in astonishment. Niall shrugged as he plopped down beside of me. "I had planned on hanging out with Dani-" Liam started, but stopped when I looked at him. Danielle. Still Liam's girlfriend. They never complain about each other. They talk all the time. She visits pretty often too. I sighed. I'm such an idiot.       

       "Why don't we all do something together. Do something that Lou wants." Zayn said, smiling at me. "Yeah! Me and Harry can play some other time." Niall said, staring at Harry until he nodded in agreement. "So how 'bout it Lou?" Liam asked. I shrugged. I didn't want to do anything really. "I don't know." I said sullenly. "Ooh! I've got it! Why don't we go down to the beach for a while this afternoon? Until then we can walk the streets, do a little shopping, then have some Nando's later." Liam smiled. I liked to shop. I liked the beach. "I'm on board!" Niall said cheerfully.       

        "Niall, the only reason why you're on board for it is because Nando's is involved." someone laughed. Everyone looked at me. It took me a minute to realize that the voice I heard, was my own. I laughed and made a silly remark on Niall. 3 weeks since I've laughed, much less smiled. It actually felt kind of good. "I'm in." I said with a slight smile. The boys started cheering and laughing. Maybe I will be alright. But just when I start to feel better, my phone starts to ring again....

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